Local musician Jason Adams reflects on new ‘cathartic’ new album, upcoming tour

Jason Adams will release a new album, “Reflections and Imperfections.”
Jason Adams will release a new album, “Reflections and Imperfections.” Photo provided

A musical shift recently took place in Centre County, a shift toward creating and having a more consistent opportunity to perform original music in our area.

Few musicians have been more inspired by that shift than Jason Adams, a State College-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and, of course, musical instrument connoisseur. Adams is releasing a new album next week titled “Reflections and Imperfections,” and is gearing up for a slew performances, including an album release party July 25 at Elk Creek Café + Aleworks and a cross-country tour starting July 29.

“It’s a solo acoustic, 10-song album that will be available on CD and Apple Music,” Adams wrote in an email, “or on Spotify and other platforms, with an CD release show at the Elk Creek that evening as Jason and the Third Line, a trio with Bruce Truitt and Paul Turner.“

Along with the new album and album release show, Adams is gearing up for local gigs July 27 at Doggie’s Pub, July 28 at the Pisano Winery in Millheim and a cross-country tour starting July 29. As a Breedlove Guitars artist, he’ll teach songwriting workshops at music stores along the way, with performances from busking on city streets to posting up in establishments, he said.

These developments have been a long time coming for Adams, who has been a musician his entire life.

“I’ve been studying, performing and growing as a musician/actor my whole life since 5 years old,” Adams wrote. “I just turned 30 and this tour is a celebration of that and a decade of songwriting and honing my craft as a songwriter. I’ve put singles out over the years but this is the first bulk collection of songs.”

The album, which includes an eclectic array of songs about personal triumphs, politics and love, is edgy, complex and melodious. Adams is a powerful singer, a trait he developed in numerous singing contexts as a teenage and into college. His original songs showcase the strength and range of his voice, and they also showcase his ability to align melodies with chord structures, as well as his ability to balance very personal themes in his lyrics while still appealing to whomever may be listening.

“The album is cathartic,” Adams wrote. “It’s about trials and tribulations from a decade of my life. It’s raw, produced in a sense as it was recorded and engineered by Stephen Treado at his new Hedgerow Studio. The raw-ness comes from the style of recording, stand and deliver each song all at once, one take, and within each song there is a loving live vibe. There’s ebb and flow to tempos, a finger slip on the guitar here, a vocal inflection there.”

The imminent tour is certainly for music, business and growing his brand, but it’s also a personal quest of sorts for a person who is vibrating at a high frequency.

“I hope to become the best possible version of myself by growing in my art and performance,” Adams wrote. “The tour is dual purpose, sharing my music and exploring. I’ve never been to the West Coast.”

In addition to his album and his personal quest, Adams is also spearheading a new band that sounds as if it’s putting together quite a show, and it will be performing weekly starting in the fall.

“The starts are in the works through West Beaver Arts Collective,” Adams wrote. “This band is playing Doggie’s Pub every Friday night in the fall, learning my originals and a few other songwriters in the band.”

Adams, an avid supporter of up and coming local artists and original music, has been instrumental in promoting new formats of music in our area, and is continuing that work with vigor.

“Places like Webster’s and Good Intent Cider have been supporting and uplifting musicians and original music,” Adams wrote. “Now 3 Dots is open having a different lunchtime performance every Tuesday through Thursday. Original music feature nights monthly will continue at Doggie’s Pub in the fall.”

Kevin Briggs is a writer, musician, and researcher who performs at venues throughout central Pennsylvania. Contact him at KevinTBriggs@gmail.com.