‘Global roots and global sounds’ set to arrive at Elk Creek Cafe

Singer-songwriter Kinobe will perform Saturday at Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks in Millheim.
Singer-songwriter Kinobe will perform Saturday at Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks in Millheim. Photo provided

Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks has a slew of local, regional and national acts on tap for this fall and winter, and it all kicks off this weekend with Kinobe and Wamu Spirit, a band that originally hails from the east African country of Uganda.

The band is led by singer-songwriter Kinobe, (pronounced chi-no-bay,) who has been to the Millheim venue previously as a tour manager for other acts, Elk Creek owner Tim Bowser said.

A longtime musician, Kinobe is also an educator and social worker. His band combines different styles designed to introduce audiences to musical styles and influences from his area and throughout the African continent.

“Generally my performances showcase a variety of different musical instruments,” Kinobe said, “bridging genes of jazz, world music and electric music all together. So, this Saturday we are going to ... give people a feel of what global music fusion really is.”

It’s set to be a very carefully crafted show.

“As opposed to playing one genre of music, particularly, more like taking people on a journey of different global roots and global sounds,” Kinobe said.

Kinobe grew up listening to music in the countryside of Uganda, and as he grew older found his way to a career that involved traveling and playing a music in a an educational way, often for children. In doing so, he traveled to 65 different countries and began to absorb the music he experienced there. He then realized and began to develop his approach to presenting and performing his global music show.

“I realized not everyone has the opportunity to do that,” Kinobe said. “In the western world, a lot of people know much about what’s happening around the world based on what the media tells them, so as a musician I’m well positioned to bring a global culture that people here would never have experienced.”

Kinobe is an incredibly hard-working musician and artist, having worked as a manager for touring bands, a touring global fusion musician himself, and, next year, as a producer. In addition, he is a recording artist, currently working on a new album, getting his online store up and running in the next few weeks, and he’ll be offering his solo album for sale at Elk Creek. It’s all part of a clear and sweeping vision Kinobe has for his music and his message, which he intends for people to relate to, enjoy and learn from.

“In my world what I want to do is to allow people to see something they’ve never seen,” Kinobe said. “I’m actually teaching an audience or sharing with them something they’ve never seen.”

Other bands headed to Elk Creek in the coming days and weeks include Slaid Cleaves on Sunday, Pure Cane Sugar on Nov. 2, Eric Ian Farmer Nov. 9 and Erin Condo and Hoofties and Horns Nov. 23. For a full schedule, visit https://elkcreekcafe.com/.

Kevin Briggs is a researcher and musician who performs at venues throughout central Pennsylvania. Contact him at KevinTBriggs@gmail.com.