Nittany Theatre at the Barn gets ‘All Shook Up’

Kaye Saxe, left, and Graham Hancock star in the musical “All Shook Up,” which premieres July 5.
Kaye Saxe, left, and Graham Hancock star in the musical “All Shook Up,” which premieres July 5. Photo provided

All Shook Up,” a musical featuring some of Elvis Presley’s most iconic hits, will debut at the Nittany Theatre at the Barn on July 5. The musical tells the story of a small-town romance and is based on the plot of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.”

“All Shook Up” tells the story of Chad, an Elvis-inspired guitarist played by Graham Hancock, who arrives in a small town where Natalie, played by Kaye Saxe, falls in love with him. In order to get closer to Chad, Natalie decides to dress up as a man. This premise leads to hilarity and love — all to the beat of some of Elvis’ most recognized tracks.

Director and choreographer Courtney Young described the musical as “fun and goofy,” and hopes Elvis’ music will get people to sing along and have a good time.

“It’s described as ‘Twelfth Night’ set in 1955 with Elvis’ music,” Young said. In addition to directing “All Shook Up,” she also directed “The Addams Family” musical at the Barn in August and September 2015.

The show also includes performances by actors Lauren Echausse, Jeff Buterbaugh and Deb and Andy Saxe, to name a few.

Young also mentioned the value of recognizing love outside of sexual orientation and race as a major theme of the musical, in light of recent events. She believes this show, though based in 1955, deals with the idea of who society deems appropriate to love, and the consequences it may have for those who are considered out of the norm.

“It is a great summer night activity to come out and enjoy the terrific local talent, so we hope people come out and have a good time,” Young said.

“All Shook Up” will follow the Barn’s monthlong performance of “Twelve Angry Men” and will run through July 23.


  • What: Nittany Theatre at the Barn’s “All Shook Up”
  • When: July 5-July 23
  • Where: Nittany Theatre at the Barn, 300 Old Boalsburg Road, Boalsburg
  • Info: www.nittanytheatre.org