5 Weekender questions with Ted McCloskey

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Local musician Ted McCloskey, whose new record “Last Flower Standing” is now available, recently answered five Weekender questions.

Q: How long have you been playing?

A: I’ve been playing quite a long time. I’d say three-quarters of my life. So, 28 divided by 4 multiplied by 3 ... let’s go with 21 years.

Q: How do you describe your sound?

A: I’m the wrong person to ask — it just sounds like me to me. I guess there are some rootsy elements to it. There are also weird background noises and pretty melodies. Maybe melodic, rootsy, left of center with a lot of rhythm guitar. Every one of my heroes played rhythm guitar.

Q: Which musician — alive or dead — do you most wish you could share the stage with?

A: Since I have already played (with) Peter Jogo, I’m not really sure. I would actually rather have George Martin produce a song of mine if we are dealing in hypotheticals.

Q: What’s your favorite song to play live?

A: I’m having a blast playing all the songs off of my new record, “Last Flower Standing” — “Little Rose” and “How Many More?” in particular.

Q: Where can people hear your music?

A: My music can be found on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. My website, tedmccloskey.com, provides some information about me and my music, and I perform Friday nights at the Phyrst and Saturday nights at Bar Bleu.