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Thompson vs. Marino, Franklin overrated (?!?), and more letters to the editor

House Speaker Paul Ryan administers the House oath of office to Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Pa., during a mock swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington on Jan. 3, 2017.
House Speaker Paul Ryan administers the House oath of office to Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Pa., during a mock swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington on Jan. 3, 2017. Associated Press

‘Vote him out’

How very thoughtful of the gentleman from Williamsport to write to tell us Centre County residents now living in the reconfigured 12th Congressional District how lucky we will be to be represented in Congress by Tom Marino.

But please forgive us if we don’t feel quite so fortunate. Our former Congressman, Glenn Thompson, was a modest man, with much to be modest about.

But Tom Marino takes the concept of shafting his own constituents to new depths. Our friend in Williamsport “forgot” to tell us that “60 Minutes” exposed Marino as an architect of the opioid crisis by his vote to make it easier for opioids to be distributed, all while accepting campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry; or that Marino voted dozens of times to take away health insurance coverage from thousands of people in his own District; or that Marino has a 5% lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters, thus denying his own neighbors the benefits of protections for clean air and clean water; or that Marino actually sued a constituent, an 80-year old woman, who wrote an email that he didn’t like; or that Marino resigned as a U.S. Attorney after the AP reported he served as a reference for a convicted felon with crime family connections ... all while his own office was investigating him.

Williamsport, you’re a fine town, but please join the rest of the 12th District in sending this swamp creature packing. Vote Marino out on November 6th. Just vote him out. - Jim Farr, Boalsburg, PA

‘It was a nothing story’

When I first saw the headline I wondered what is this about — “Coaches poll reveals Franklin tied as most overrated.” (CDT (8/20) The poll was by CBS Sports from among the 129 head coaches of the FBS. My first thought, what was the purpose of such a poll? What did CBS hope to achieve by concocting such a question?

Re-reading the story, I have to ask why the CDT felt compelled to run a front-page teaser about the survey, or for that matter why even publish the survey. It was a “nothing story”. Not fake news exactly, but darn close.

The story reported that CBS had spoken to 20 percent of the 129 head coaches — that is 26 people. What’s more, Franklin’s name was mentioned by one-fifth of those who responded — that is FIVE MEN! Five men from 129 think Franklin is overrated? That is newsworthy?

It certainly would be fun to see the names of those five other head coaches and to do a win-loss comparison of their records to that of James Franklin at Vanderbilt and Penn State. What a survey. What a story. And the media wonders why it has no credibility.- Dave Semler, Reedsville, PA

‘Revoke all of their clearances!’

The revocation of John Brennan’s security clearance is long overdue. In fact, all of the former Obama Administration officials who still have access to classified information should likewise immediately have their clearances revoked.

I recently retired from the US Army and had security clearance for over 30 years. Just as any normal citizen, I was “read-off” from my clearance when I retired. Why is there a separate set of rules and laws for Democrat political figures?

Having access to classified information is not a right, it is a privilege only granted if someone has a “need to know.” What “need to know” does Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Comey, etc. have when they no longer work in the government?

To compound matters, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, etc., have used their access for personal gain by exploiting it to “spill the beans” on CNN, MSNBC and elsewhere. There has been no other time in American History where former Administration officials who were given the courtesy of keeping their Top Secret Clearance, who went on to weaponize that information to attack a sitting president.

This cabal has betrayed the trust and faith of the American people by using their access to highly sensitive information to enrich themselves, and to undermine a duly elected president. What Brennan, Clapper, Rice and Comey are doing is unethical, illegal and immoral.

Revoke all of their clearances now and bring them up on charges for compromising classified information. - Douglas Mastriano, Fayetteville, PA

Cheers for free speech

Thank you for standing up for free speech! - Dee Anne Wylie, State College, PA