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Trump’s ‘cult of personality,’ thinking of past Presidents, and more: Letters to the editor

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‘Proceed to rebuild your party’

I am willing to believe Trump when he says that Omarosa is a lying lowlife. So who was the idiot who hired her to be a senior government official?

This is not an Administration – it’s a broad, heavy-handed, unfunny farce. Tell me Republicans, are you proud of what your party has become? Remember who you used to be?

What would President Grant, who fought the Civil War and instituted martial law to defend the rights of newly freed slaves, say about the proliferation of the flag of treason and the attempt to disenfranchise black citizens? What would President Theodore Roosevelt say about destroying the protections for the National Parks he created? What would President Eisenhower, who fought the Nazis all the way to Berlin say about a President who calls Nazis “fine people?” What would even Nixon, who created the EPA, say about attempts to gut it?

What would those who fought for fiscal responsibly say about the current deficit? Put yourselves in their place. Look at the current crop of Republican legislators, lapdogs of Trump, and decide that either they go out of the Party or you go. You do not belong together. Come next election, vote against the current Republican candidates, and then proceed to rebuild your Party. - Adriana I. Pena, State College, PA

‘Voters in the 34th District have a very important choice to make’

Ezra Nanes is the right choice for workers In November; voters in the 34th District have a very important choice to make at the ballot box.

Harrisburg Republicans want to completely dismantle unions in Pennsylvania. After the disastrous Janus vs. AFSCME decision, workers in Pennsylvania are at risk of losing their ability to organize for fair wages and workplace protections. Ezra Nanes will stand up for workers.

Unions fight for the rights of workers like teachers, nurses, and construction workers – everyday people that work hard to feed, clothe, and educate their families. Unions fought for the 40-hour work week, paid sick leave, and social security, and Ezra understands the value of these rights. Ezra Nanes is the clear choice for workers in Central Pennsylvania.

Ezra has made protecting and strengthening unions and the rights they have earned for each of us one of the top priorities in his campaign. He will fight for a higher minimum wage, stand up for small businesses, and protect our pensions. I am confident Ezra will work for the people, not corporations and Harrisburg special interests.

His commitment to labor has already been recognized with major endorsements from unions like AFSCME District 83 and Teamsters Local 8. I am voting for Ezra Nanes on November 6. I urge you to do so as well. - Michael Lehmier, Pine Grove Mills, PA

‘Trump created a Cult of Personality’

If you wonder why Trump’s base sticks with him, in spite of evidence of his working with the Russians to undermine our democracy, and his willingness to pull babies from their mothers, there is an explanation. They have become cult members.

Trump created a Cult of Personality, very similar to what Hitler, Stalin, and other dictators have done. Key aspects of this type of Cult leadership are; the ability to tell the big lie, to constantly denigrate anyone who criticizes them, to manipulate the media into near continuous coverage of himself, to push hyper-patriotism, to hold frequent rallies, and push his lies incessantly, doubling down even when it is shown that he is lying.

Hitler himself said no one would believe that a person would tell such large lies in such a blatant manner, over and over again. He asserted that people were easily corrupted by emotional appeals, especially ones that induce fear. What he knew was, eventually many will believe these lies. Hitler’s propagandist Geobbels knew this didn’t take a genius, just “remarkable stubborn thick-headedness.”

Hitler created his scapegoat in the jewish people; they were always at fault. They were “devils, child molesters.” For Trump it is “the rapists and murders” from the South, the “Mexicans,” meaning everyone of darker skin south of our boarder. They are Trump’s scapegoats. For Hitler it was the “lying press,” for Trump it’s “fake news,” and “enemy of the people” for all the news companies not in utter praise of him. - Doug Keith, State College, PA