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2 climate change arguments, and praise for public schools: Letters to the editor

Firefighters monitor a burn operation on top of a ridge near the town of Ladoga, Calif., on Aug. 7.
Firefighters monitor a burn operation on top of a ridge near the town of Ladoga, Calif., on Aug. 7. Tribune News Service

Disproving climate change

“The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” by Marc Morano (2018) cites many scientific studies that indicate: (1) Historical records of global warming show that temperature increases begin hundreds of years before carbon dioxide (CO2) levels follow. Plants and animals flourished in past ages when CO2 levels were more than twice as high as now.

(2) At least 90% of greenhouse gas warming is due to water vapor and clouds; thus, CO2 level deserves less concern. (3) Hurricanes, floods, droughts, and tornadoes have been less frequent during years after 1988 than before 1988, when atmospheric CO2 was 15% lower. (4) Since computer models failed to predict the slowdown in rate of global warming between 1998 and 2013, they cannot reliably forecast climate changes decades in the future.

(5) EPA’s Clean Power Plan would not significantly reduce global CO2 emissions. In 2025, total annual CO2 emissions by USA would be offset by three weeks of CO2 emissions by China. (6) UN’s 2015 Paris Climate Agreement would reduce global temperature about one degree Centigrade by 2100 AD, but would cost many trillions of dollars, would subjugate economic independence of participating nations, and would require global wealth redistribution.

(7) Eliminating use of fossil fuels for electricity generation would deny developing countries the opportunity to electrify and improve living conditions. In sub-Saharan Africa, gas-fired power projects would supply electricity for three times as many people as renewable energy projects would supply for the same cost. - Paul Warme, State College, PA

‘Why would anybody lie about climate change?’

International relations can be changed, tariffs can be negotiated, but greenhouse gasses cannot be removed from the atmosphere. They are there permanently. No fix.

Why would anybody lie about climate change? There’s no profit in that. Why would anybody deny climate change? There is big profit in that, for energy companies, manufacturers and investors. Climate changes are normal, but heatwaves, rainfall and wildfires that used to occur once in several hundred years are now occurring several times within 10 years. This is simple history.

To deny climate change is to deny what you can now see happening immediately around you. Looking at a thermometer is not deep science. The warmest years on record are 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018. This is real, people. Not deep science, not fake news. - Robert Echard, State College, PA

Cheers for public education

School has started. It’s time for a big “Huzzah” for public education. Despite the criticism that began in the 1840s, the basic democratic principles that support public education remain. It hasn’t been easy for educational professionals to keep their cool, but they have. Their job is to take care of and teach the students. They do it with aplomb.

Public schools are for everyone. Unlike private schools and now even some “public” charter schools, they cannot throw out children for whatever reason. They must deal with whoever walks through those school doors. Their job goes on even in the face of governmental obstruction, mass shootings, or the reduction of funding.

Public schools still turn out the overwhelming number of American Nobel Prize winners. While other countries select their most talented to take international tests, we include everyone and suffer for it. While media make fun of public schools by having characters say, “You’ll have to excuse me, I went to public school,” public schools still turn out the best and brightest.

Public schools have taken generations of immigrants and taught them to be contributing citizens. When you hear a critic say, “Why didn’t the schools teach these kids . . .,” you might step back and ask, how many more things do you want the public schools to teach? For all of their Herculean efforts, teachers do not complain. Their primary goal is to teach the children and they do that so well. - Arnold Hillman, Okatie, SC