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Two views of John McCain, and a ‘sports complex nightmare’: Letters to the editor

Senator John McCain draws reactions from CDT readers.
Senator John McCain draws reactions from CDT readers. BRUCE COTLER-GLOBE PHOTOS, INC./

‘He stayed true to his beliefs’

Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Senator John McCain. Although a lifelong registered Democrat I always admired his code of ethics, his love of this country and his staunch belief in how great this country was.

He served this country with honor, endured unspeakable torture, but returned to us physically beaten but not down and out. This past year showed his tenacity for getting things done despite repercussions from the White House and his own party; he stayed true to his beliefs. He was a man of principle and honor.

He did not need to make this “country great again” because he knew the USA was already great; despite how Trump is doing his best to believe someone died and left him king. What Trump is doing to this country is reprehensible and Senator McCain fought to the end to stop the insanity in the White House.

Senator McCain will be sorely missed by all true Americans. My sincerest sympathy to his family. - Donna Hockenberry, Bellefonte, PA

‘He brought the war back home and helped spread it’

Senator McCain loved his country. He survived a brutal fight initiated by elected Democratic leadership that nearly destroyed our spiritual core.

Some might say his mind remained within those walls of the Hanoi Hilton. While his political foundation was built off this life event, he did not win the 2008 election. By this time his political persona had been revealed, a reflection of a colleague’s dubious creds, Senator Ted Kennedy.

The last 100 years, our 17th Amendment, and media-fueled hubris by many in Congress have disproportionately placed nearly all Senators in a bad light. McCain was caught up in the Keating Five scandal and claims it was his worst political mistake. I disagree, it was his run for President.

Many Americans desire street fighters who will wage war against entrenched, selfish interests found throughout the secular, bureaucratic political system. Sober-minded, constitutional justice is sought for ‘We the People.’ McCain started out strong but like many other prisoners could not translate his temporal sacrifice on the inside into a greater physical, mental and/or spiritual good back home. It is arguable, rather, that he brought the war back home and helped spread it around.

Senator McCain will be lauded by most from both sides of the political aisle, however, many will not miss his boorish, holier-than-thou attitudes. His frequent statements of rapprochement with whom he disagreed, oftentimes the American people, could only be made worthwhile and honorable upon his demise. An otherwise honorable man, rest in peace, Dear John. - Stephen K. Woodward, Madisonburg, PA

‘A sports complex nightmare’

The Whitehall Road Regional Park plan, as it stands, is a sports complex nightmare within one of our most scenic views and atop a sensitive recharge area for our two most valuable drinking water wells - the Harter/Thomas Wellfields. This is simply the wrong thing for this location.

There must be a better setting for this intensely developed heavy use project. A Regional Park should be a place to enjoy the many aspects of nature through walking, hiking, picnicking, bird watching, contemplation of our natural world, with perhaps a few ball fields sprinkled in to accommodate those who find excitement in organized games.

Tournaments, with heavy traffic, parking issues, mega-lighting, PA systems, etc. is not what most of us consider as we contemplate a regional park. Certainly there can be a place for this type of heavy use, but the Whitehall Road location is not it.

Polls taken 10 years ago, showed the majority of citizens finding passive use and enjoyment of nature to be top priorities for a Regional Park. Yet, somehow this turned into a Sports Complex on steroids with artificial turf, indoor accommodations (future), night lighting, 500+ parking spaces and concessions, bringing disturbance to the land, risking our natural resources and which would spoil any visit whereby communion with nature would be the object.

Before going ahead, we need to pause, reevaluate exactly what the community wants/needs and where the amenities should be. The sensitivity of this particular space must be given priority scenically and for water protection. - Pam Steckler, State College, PA