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An early vote, political cartoons’ impact, ‘courageous’ pols, and more: Letters to the editor

‘Ezra Nanes will fight for workers in PA’

Walt Disney once said, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” As Labor Day approaches, I think back to my own experiences with a union and how much my career and my life were changed because of dedicated people willing to give their time and talent to make things better for all of us.

As a teacher for 37 years, I realized that those who came before me worked hard to fight for our rights and believed that a union was the way to achieve common goals for the benefit of students, professionals, and support staff. I worked hard to uphold the standards that were set for us and to ensure that we were treated with equality and respect as public educators.

Unions have given us the Family and Medical Leave Act, fair wages, health benefits, sick days, emergency days, fair representation, due process, and more. I was proud to belong to a union and to fight for what was best for our children and our schools. Labor Day was a day to reflect on how far we have come and to thank a union member.

In November we must elect candidates that share our ideals. Ezra Nanes, a candidate for Senate, has placed public education and union rights as part of his platform. He has my vote because he is committed to fighting for us, I hope he has yours. Working together, we can achieve so much! - Jan Abelove Donahue, Boalsburg, PA

What do political cartoons convey?

For a small-town family newspaper to display the President of the United States of America spitting on the grave of a deceased “political” antagonist is both disrespectful and despicable. What do you think this conveys to our younger citizens? As General and President D.D. Eisenhower said when his bridge partner committed an unpardonable error - “Don’t bother to say anything, for whatever you say is unacceptable.” - Ken Criste, Ferguson Township

‘Omission of Details’

As Members of Our Lady of Victory Parish in State College for 43 years, we felt compelled to respond to the letter published on August 28. The sexual abuse by Catholic clergy and the culture of protection of the abusers by the Church hierarchy is abhorrent to all of the faithful of our Church.

Unfortunately for our three assigned diocesan priests (one is our Pastor, and two are Parochial Vicars) currently serving at OLV, the omission of details in paragraph three of the August 28 letter, seems to implicate one or more of them in this scandal. We can only hope that the letter writers did not intend this outcome.

They may have failed to recognize that many of your readers would not reference the March 2016 Grand Jury Report before reaching a conclusion. None of these three men who celebrate Mass from our altar have been involved in any way with this scandal. These three priests serving our parish at this time are extraordinarily holy men dedicated to their vocation – serving God’s people on earth by bringing the Good News of God’s plan for our salvation to the faithful.

They are responsible for leading our parish to become vibrant and alive with love and devotion to our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We join many in praying for the victims as well as the perpetrators of this terrible and prolonged crime. - Mary and Bob Hershey, Ferguson Township

Who is a profile in courage?

President “Bonespurs,” who doesn’t like his heroes to be captured, spent his young formative years on a golf course, while Senator John McCain flew perilous missions off a Navy aircraft carrier. Let me ask – which of the two is a profile of courage? – G. Tselepis, Boalsburg, PA