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A shifting population, the abortion debate, and more: letters to the editor

A man paddles a kayak in a flooded neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, in Fayetteville, N.C., on Monday.
A man paddles a kayak in a flooded neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, in Fayetteville, N.C., on Monday. AP

Migration we haven’t considered

Hurricane Florence is causing people to migrate from the eastern shore and even inland to avoid high winds and flooding. Where do these people go? What will it cost to leave and come back? How many will choose to move away?

Temporary migrations of U.S. citizens will increase as will permanent migrations from along all our shores as sea levels rise and storms strengthen. Centre County residents may move away from creeks and other low-lying areas.

A recent CDT headline read, “Residents flee flooding, rising water closes roads.” Families in the Centre region are housing neighbors who were flooded out and providing refuge for family and friends escaping the wrath of Florence. Are we prepared for the permanent migration of U.S. citizens from the coast and low-lying lands?

We have been concerned about immigration from abroad but have given little thought to the migration of U.S. citizens from risky areas to higher land. One group working on a bipartisan solution to climate problems is the Citizens Climate Lobby. The CCL has proposed a fee on carbon at its source and to give a dividend back to the people.

This is a market approach that will encourage big companies to focus on alternatives to carbon-based energy (e.g., oil, gas and coal). Eighty-six members of the House of Representatives (43 Republicans and 43 Democrats) have joined the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus at the urging of the CCL. - John Swisher, Port Matilda, PA

‘Control the narrative’

The national dramas playing out daily before our eyes can make us feel everything but powerful, as if the great forces of history and destiny will sweep us along in their inevitable path without so much as a fare-thee-well. I propose that isn’t true!

We can control the narrative right here in our own backyard. Flip the 34th PA Senate district this November by electing Ezra Nanes and heads will explode in Harrisburg and by extension across the country.

Why? The incumbent has gerrymandered a seat that he has held for 20 years, and his father 20 years before that (longer than the combined reigns of Claudius, Caligula and Nero). From my personal experience working on Fair Districts for the past 18 months, his claim to support effective reform are at best disingenuous, at worst outright deceptive.

He has no obligation to anyone but his donors, many of whom are corporate, from outside our district. He has not faced an opponent recently and feels secure enough to talk about what he will be doing next session. We can answer the challenge of Ben Franklin, who when asked if the Founding Fathers had devised a monarchy or a republic, replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Ezra Nanes is committed to Fair District reform. He will be obligated to the voters who elect him and we can keep him honest in this. Let’s keep our republic by sending Ezra Nanes to Harrisburg. - Pamela Monk, State College PA

‘Who has the right to decide?”

Abortion is the ending of pregnancy due to removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. I call it a rejection of the unborn infant by the mother.

Today the unborn are sacrificed for many reasons, some will say we cannot afford to have the child, and others say at this time it’s an inconvenience. The problem is the child is already conceived. If you believe life begins at conception, then to sacrifice another human being is an abomination of God.

Why has abortion become a legal issue? By law the unborn is not yet registered with the state. Only at natural birth is when the mother will receive a birth certificate. The state has no jurisdiction (ownership) in matters pertaining to the unborn.

By granting the mother the “right” to have control over her own body the state, in effect, is sanctioning her “right” to do what is legal by law. Since the Supreme Court ruling “Roe v. Wade,” abortions have exceeded over 60 million in the United States. My question is who has the “right” to decide the fate of the unborn? Is it mankind or is it God? - Ed Emel, Bellefonte, PA