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Pulling the plug on pizza, Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court, and more: letters to the editor

The State college Area School Board voted 5-4 to cancel its contract with Papa John’s Pizza for student lunches. The decision was based upon racially tinged comments made by former CEO John Schnatter.
The State college Area School Board voted 5-4 to cancel its contract with Papa John’s Pizza for student lunches. The decision was based upon racially tinged comments made by former CEO John Schnatter. AP

‘It isn’t about pizza’

The article (“Why a local school district is dropping its contract with a popular pizza provider”) covering the 5-4 vote on removing Papa John’s as the State College school district’s pizza supplier serves as a crucially relevant action, both on the local and national level. At a time where the leader of the free world is not held accountable for his words or actions, it is crucial for the people to show that not everyone receives the same treatment.

At a time where free press is not only discredited by the White House but also by a dangerously climbing number of “fake news” sites, it is crucial for journalism to stay focused on bringing social problems to light, and more importantly, how these problems are dealt with.

The actions of the State College school board might seem trite now, but when we look back in five, 10 or even 100 years, we will be judging not the actions themselves but what these decisions were truly fighting. It wasn’t about pizza. - Ashley Ferrara, Philadelphia, PA

Questioning Kavanaugh’s nomination

I am pro-choice and pro life. This is not a contradiction. I do not believe in the death penalty or ownership of assault weapons. Every woman has a legal and moral right to control her own reproductive system without fear of being jailed and the right “to participate equally as a citizen in the life of a democracy.”

No one wants to have an abortion any more than one wants to have heart, brain, or spinal surgery. Deliberative decisions must be made to determine well being.

Every month of every year of a woman’s life our bodies have the potential to conceive -- even when contraceptive devises are used. Fact of life: women must have the legal right to choose when and if to give birth to a child. Before Roe v. Wade there were 1.2 million deaths in illegal abortions.

The Supreme Court must respect women’s civil liberties. Women will not stop having abortions if Roe v. Wade is repealed. Planned Parenthood offers women safe, affordable gynecological health, and must be protected. Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s record appears to weaponize a woman’s right to choose. - Micaela Amateau Amato, Boalsburg, PA.

Insufficient design?

I would like to hear the rationalization for building a beautiful, multi-million dollar high school and yet the design is not sufficient so that students have to cross busy Westerly Parkway to attend classes in the old building. - James Baney, State College, PA

‘Historical choice’

America faces a historical choice this November, and here in Central PA we have the opportunity to vote for new leadership. Marc Friedenberg and Susan Boser are ready to clean up the mess left by Congress, and what a mess it is!

The current Congress has added billions to our national debt by giving tax cuts to the rich. They have made our opioid crisis worse, voted to get rid of basic environmental protections, and poisoned our national discourse.We need new leaders ready to connect Central PA to our region and to the world.

Whether it’s getting access to high-speed internet or taking advantage of our colleges and universities, Friedenberg and Boser are the responsible choice.We need leaders who will work across the aisle to solve big problems.

Penn State is a laboratory of innovation on cutting carbon pollution; it is also home to some of the world’s top climate scientists. It’s time to put that expertise to work.There’s a lot to learn from Penn State’s electric car fleet, co-generation plants, and retrofitted buildings. Already, area companies like Envinity and SunDirected are installing solar panels, and dozens of local residents are discovering the joys of electric cars.

Pennsylvania can do more by joining Maryland, New Jersey and several other states in the Zero Emissions Vehicle task force and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.Voting for Friedenberg and Boser will not only end disastrous leadership in Washington, it will move Central PA into a better, more responsible future. - Jon Brockopp, State College, PA