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Our local asset, what will FEMA do and election thoughts: letters to the editor

Robert Simmons Jr. and his kitten, Survivor, are rescued from floodwaters in New Bern, N.C.
Robert Simmons Jr. and his kitten, Survivor, are rescued from floodwaters in New Bern, N.C. The News & Observer

‘An asset to our community’

On September 20 I went to the State Theatre to see the HD broadcast of the Tony Award-winning play, An American in Paris—filmed at a London theatre. It was brilliant! Thank you to the State Theatre for bringing this to us.

This theatre continues to be such an asset to our community. I only wish more people had taken advantage of this reasonably priced evening. Good news—another such opportunity is coming in November with The King and I, from the London Palladium. I encourage theatre lovers to check it out. - Carol White, State College, PA

‘Brace for the response’

As we wait for Florence to finish her path of destruction, and her devastating aftermath, we have to brace ourselves for the response of a FEMA that is besieged by scandal, and handicapped by a recent budget cut to pay for the expansion of ICE.

Yes, in order to fund a poorly thought-out immigration policy—a policy that is crushing Pennsylvania’s mushroom industry because of worker shortages—the current Administration has raided FEMA, just as we are warned of more and more severe storms in the future.

And the Congressional Republicans, many of them with constituents in affected areas, or in areas likely to be impacted, said nothing, and went along. They don’t care about their constituents; they’re motivated by power.

Now there are news reports of their desire to raid Social Security and Medicare to pay for their tax cuts. Is it true? People who can raid FEMA ahead of hurricane season are capable of ANYTHING. Your representative stood by and allowed FEMA to be raided.

It’s time for us to vote out Glenn Thompson, Tom Marino -- and this entire current crop of Republican congressmen — before they destroy our country. - Adriana Pena, State College, PA

‘What message are politicians sending?’

I was disappointed to learn that both Congressmen Tom Marino and Glenn Thompson chose not to participate in the CDT’s Candidates Forum on Oct. 22nd. Voters should have the right to ask questions and get answers from their legislators in an open forum.

What message are these politicians sending if they do not address their constituents’ concerns? Luckily both Marc Friedenberg and Susan Boser will attend and will have the opportunity to share their platforms with the public. I look forward to hearing directly from these candidates where they stand on important issues. - Susan Werner Ferguson Township (Werner is the Candidates’ Night chair for the LWV).

‘Reject the status quo politician’

Our broken system has a better chance of repairing itself if we reject the status quo politician. As a baby boomer, I am energized by the new generation of leaders like Emily Best who are connected to the reality of their fellow citizens, not to the influence of corporate dollars.

Emily Best is running for the 30th district for State Senate. She knows first hand the challenges of supporting a family while managing and working on a family farm cooperative for the last six years. She has experienced the difficulty of securing affordable health insurance and preventative care.

As a parent she recognizes that now is not the time to cut the state budget for school funding. Ahead of our young people is an employment future with demanding and regularly shifting skill requirements. Will your vote go to someone who has your best interests at heart? Vote Emily Best on Nov. 6th! - Denice Rodaniche, Altoona, PA