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Fighting for Raystown Lake and Joe Paterno, and more: Letters to the editor

Joe Paterno with Brandon Short, right, on Media Day on August 6, 1999.
Joe Paterno with Brandon Short, right, on Media Day on August 6, 1999. Centre Daily Times, file

Saving ‘Pennsylvania’s crown jewel’

Pennsylvania’s crown jewel, Raystown Lake, is in danger of being tarnished. A Texas oil baron hopes to build yet another marina and recreation area on that Huntingdon County reservoir in an unblemished area known as Hawn’s Bridge Peninsula in order to park 150 more boats on the already overcrowded lake.

Hopefully, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will deny the proposed lease on public lands because of the environmental impacts alone. The shale barrens on the peninsula are described as having “such high ecological significance” that they are designated as areas “of exceptional value.” The rare habitats are home to threatened and endangered plants and invertebrates.

Ludicrously, the developer, Lancer Resources LP, has suggested that an Environmental Education Center it plans to erect on the site will make up for the destruction of the shale barrens. The Moshannon Group Sierra Club opposes efforts to develop federal lands on the Hawn’s Bridge Peninsula, which is located on the northern end of Raystown Lake ... one of the most remote sections of that body of water.

The site should be designated as environmentally sensitive and is ideal for kayak touring or hiking the Allegrippis Trail. The lake would be degraded forever if Hawn’s Bridge Peninsula is bulldozed for glamping, ad nauseam.

USACE is ending the public input phase for its 2020 Master Plan revision of Raystown Lake on September 30. Post your concerns at about this potential travesty by the end of the month (Sunday). - Douglas M. Mason, Moshannon Group Executive Committee member, Port Matilda, PA

Climate change outrage

The actions of the Trump Administration and its supporters in Congress are tantamount to the abandonment of both science and fundamental human concerns. Climate change is a dramatic example.

Every leading scientific organization has concluded that mankind’s activities are largely responsible for the observed worldwide increase in temperature, ocean acidification, extreme weather and sea level rise. Yet this Administration is doing its best to deny the science and take actions that contribute further to these harmful trends.

The Environmental Protection Agency is apparently willing to sacrifice our citizens’ health in order to support polluting industries, contradicting the agency’s very name. The Interior Department is reducing National Park areas for the sake of industrial development and advocating offshore drilling at the expense of both natural beauty and the health of living creatures, including humans.

Let us recall the eloquent words of Dr. Martin Luther King, at the Arlington National Cemetery, in 1968: “Somewhere along the way we have allowed the means by which we live to outdistance the ends for which we live.” Isn’t it time to vote out the people in Congress who support the Trump Administration, such as Glenn Thompson and Tom Marino? - Milton W. Cole, State College, PA

Proud of JoePa

We have heard it said before: “In hindsight I wish I had done more.” Within the last two months we have heard Urban Meyer say it many different ways.

Joe Paterno said it, and he got crucified. He was fired, accused, and without a trial, found guilty by most. He died before he could speak any further for himself. Joe Paterno is demonized now.

I listened to sportscasters this past weekend, trying to fill in time as the clock wound down with PSU leading 63 to 10. They mentioned the 1973 undefeated Penn State team being honored at halftime. They mentioned John Cappelletti, the only PSU player to win a Heisman Trophy, and part of that team.

Not ONE mention of the coach that recruited Cappy and was coach of that team. Then not more than 24 hours later, the sports world is talking about Meyer returning to the Ohio St. football team and the likely possibility of him lifting up the College Football Championship trophy at the end of this season. Guess Ohio State isn’t a football culture.

The police reports of domestic abuse were not enough, nor the blatant lying by Meyer at Big Ten Media Days, for Mark Emmert and the NCAA to throw sanctions at OSU. And, after all, Meyer did wish he had done more.

Just remember one name: Joseph Vincent Paterno; it should be shouted from every speaker at Beaver Stadium with Pride!! - Carol Roman, Dunmore, PA