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Dads — seize the day, but don’t plan it

Because most kids are engaged in a variety of activities, parents get to catch up with other parents about the family goings-on while waiting for practice to end, intermission of performances, picnics, etc. It’s interesting that oftentimes these discussions revolve around about how busy they are due to their kids’ schedule, and I include myself in admitting the same thing.

Recently, my sons Samuel, Benjamin and I traveled to Pittsburgh for a college visit. After the visit, we went to lunch with no other plans in mind. However, we ended up having a terrific day exploring the city, goofing off at a mall, getting ice cream and making a surprise visit to my brothers before heading back home. It was a day of unplanned and unscheduled fun together. Consider the following if you want to arrange an “unplanned” day with your kids.


  • Think about your typical day — it’s probably filled with things to do from morning until night. How could you change it to include a period of doing whatever you wanted? Recall some good times you had as a kid that were not planned.
  • Keep in mind your child’s day — is it as busy or busier than yours? Make sure you encourage and allow them to pause (“chill out” as the kids say) for a while and then reboot.
  • Consider occasionally setting aside a day (or half a day), so as not to be constrained by your calendar, then get in the car with your kids and start exploring.
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