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Transformational health care, Big Oil blues, and more: letters to the editor

Penn State Outing Club has been doing student-led backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and trail maintenance trips for decades.
Penn State Outing Club has been doing student-led backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and trail maintenance trips for decades. Centre Daily Times, file

‘Get the right care at the right time’

Telehealth care technology has the potential to transform how physicians practice medicine in the rapidly changing health care environment. Increased use of this technology may increase access to care and lower health care costs.

Coverage, payment and policy issues prevent full use of telehealth, remote patient monitoring and similar technologies. Medicare policy is particularly challenging, as it limits the geographic settings where beneficiaries may receive services, the types of services that may be provided via telehealth and the types of technology that may be used (“Telehealth | AHA”, 2018)

As a health care worker, I often work with patients who are unable to get to their health care appointments due to their illnesses or transportation issues. Telehealth can reduce burdens for patients, such as travel to receive specialty care, and improve monitoring, timeliness, and communications within the health care system (“Telehealth Use in Rural Healthcare Introduction - Rural Health Information Hub”, 2018).

Legislation proposed at the state and federal level would require insurance carriers to pay for telehealth services in the same way they pay for in-office visits. This legislation should be supported as it will help our community improve access and get the right care at the right time. - Mary Foster, State College, PA

‘Poor, poor innocent Big Oil’

Guess who is now asking for taxpayers’ dollars to save them from their own foolishness? Big Oil, that’s who. They are asking the federal government to save their refineries from rising tides and devastating storms caused by ... surprise, surprise … climate change!

Yes, that climate change, and that nefarious, socialist plot to destroy American greatness by hyping a non-existing threat. Big Oil spends quite a large amount of money and effort to debunk the threat. Several politicians on Big Oil’s payroll erect roadblocks on renewable energy efforts and such ideas as a carbon tax.

Now, alas, climate change is here — and poor, poor innocent Big Oil has come crying to government for protection. “Please spend taxpayers’ money to protect us from this imaginary threat that we have claimed is not real.”

Since a lot of truly innocent people will be in the way of those rising tides and devastating storms, the protection will have to be built. But Big Oil should be billed for it. And they should be required to distribute OpEds to the nation’s newspapers confessing “We lied.”

And those politicians who parroted those lies, those who tried to destroy the push for renewables, the ones who forbade government scientists from talking about climate change, they should all be sent home in shame, never to be entrusted with a government post again. At this moment, due to the corruption within the Party, those guilty of colluding in this lie are all Republicans, including our own Tom Marino. Vote the liars out! - Andrew Uhring, State College, PA

‘Is Penn State equally thoughtful’

How considerate and thoughtful of Penn State to allow the Penn State Outing Club to lead day hikes. Is Penn State equally thoughtful about the future brains of the football players? - Ralph Seeley, Bellefonte PA

‘One word’ for Trump

After watching every moment of President Donald Trump’s [recent] news conference, we can think of only one word that provides a sane and reasonable path forward: “straitjacket.” - Charles Prebish and Susan Prebish, State College, PA