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Clarifying the workings of government, and is PSU football elite?: letters to the editor

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‘Clarify the purpose’

I believe it is the responsibility of our locally elected officials to be clear about the process of government and to educate their electorate regarding both the process and the purpose of their actions.

When asked on September 24, 2018 at the COG meeting (available for your viewing pleasure on CNET) whether a unit vote was required to approve an easement for UAJA to have access to the PROPOSED pump station now to be built on Whitehall Road Regional Park’s property because the location was a change to the 3-year-old Master Plan, it appeared that the question was sidestepped; or perhaps I missed the answer.

The PROPOSED pump station’s location had originally been on land the Toll Brothers purchased to build a 1,000-bed luxury student housing complex referred to as “The Cottages.” The Cottages will be the contributor of approximately 98 percent of the raw sewage that the pump station is being built to transport, over the Thomas-Harter well fields’ recharge area, to a sewer line running along Whitehall Road.

Somewhere along the planning line and the sewer line, the pump station was moved to the WRRP land and onto the agenda at the COG meeting. Fortunately, a unit vote requires unanimous approval and there were enough officials with unanswered questions to delay the vote until those questions could be addressed and answered by trained and knowledgeable professionals, thus allowing the COG a second chance to clarify the purpose and the process for the issue requiring the vote. - Della Chuderewicz, State College, PA

The definition of elite

The magic word is “elite.” And the argument is whether our team is a good team or an elite team. Some I gather measure the difference by wins. I don’t know, I’m more nostalgic, and in my opinion this team is the definition of an elite team. And just as Joe always wanted -- not from one person, but from a lot of different people.

I never looked to define being elite by winning. I have always admired and respected this team because they represented something more to me. And this was especially so in the past 7 years or so. All of these boys, men who took to our field, were so incredibly dignified. In our darkest hours of the sanctions, our team held their heads high and played their hearts out -- and won games that should never have been won. And held their tempers when the game was lost.

Being Elite? I’m sorry it is never about winning or losing. It is about being strong, loyal, and true to the blue. And I can honestly say, I have never been disappointed in our team. They are the Elite. They are to be admired. They make me so proud every time, every game when they run out onto the field. They are the essence of Penn State. - Linda Sutton, State College, PA