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Health care questions, alcohol at PSU tailgates, and more: letters to the editor

President Donald Trump reacts as he speaks to a crowd at Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday in Richmond, Ky.
President Donald Trump reacts as he speaks to a crowd at Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday in Richmond, Ky. AP

‘What is he hiding from?’

What is wrong with the politicians we pay? I’m referring specifically to Glenn Thompson, our congressman from Howard, PA. As noted in a CDT article, the bipartisan League of Women Voters contacted our Congressman and he refuses to debate his current opponent. Sadly, this comes as no surprise to me.

In 2017, numerous constituents, including myself, contacted him to meet and express our concerns about his positions on health care and other concerns of interest to most in our district. As a health care provider myself, I see the effects of our inadequate system. What I saw Mr. Thompson supporting would have resulted in the loss of coverage for 55,000 voters in our district.

Pre-existing condition coverage was on the line and now hobbled by his tax cut vote. He was fighting for slashing coverage and replacing it with block grant coverage for our district (still is). This means that states get set amount of monies for all the health care needs.

After numerous protests and calls, just to get a meeting with Mr. Thompson, folks were offered 15-minute blocks for up to 5 people per meeting. He displayed callous disregard for any reasonable arguments. I wonder if Mr. Thompson lacks the courage to defend his own record. Or is it possible he has something to hide, say Medicare and Social Security positions? What is he hiding from? We pay this man and he doesn’t respect us enough to clarify and discuss his positions? I for one find that reprehensible. Debate! - Teresa Welch, Spring Township, PA

‘Alcohol and its abuse’

[Recently], I was walking up University Drive to attend the big game at Beaver Stadium. In a mass of people, I caught a quick glimpse of one face I will remember. It was the face of an inebriated, young female student returning home from the stadium before the game started.

Behind the PSU Whiteout t-shirt & blue and white beaded necklaces, was a girl devastated by whatever happened outside the stadium. She was visibly shaken and all alone. Her eyes and face were covered in tears. I don’t know.

Perhaps she made a decision, while under the influence of alcohol, that she will regret the rest of her life. God forbid if she was sexually assaulted. I don’t know. I do know I didn’t see the face of a young girl filled with joy and hope and a bright future. I didn’t see the face of a girl who was thankful for the opportunity of a world-class education.

Growing up in a college town, I have yet to read a Sunday or Monday newspaper article that attributes alcohol to someone making a wise decision. I have yet to read an article attributing alcohol to spectacular athletic ability and performance. Yet when you follow the trail of alcohol and its abuse, you will find endless stories of shame and regret. You will find countless stories of individuals who have to live out their lives with years of devastating consequences due to an intoxicated decision. #WeAre #abletohavefunwithoutalcohol - McDonald Zac, State College, PA

‘His pride is beyond law’

The President believes in truthful hyperbole, which, to a critic, would seem to be mere lies. But I think in his superb, incorrigible self-confidence, he believes what he says each time until the next time.

Listen to what he said in this ingenuousness. Asked about business and politics, he replied that in politics, sometimes you to think about morality. And later, when asked about power, he said that in the end, power comes down to fear. Listen to these thoughts of his away from the compulsions of the news cycles.

Now, ask yourself, is our earth governed solely by an amoral bottom line? And when we look out across our borders, does only deadly force govern, and behind that fear? I answer no to both questions. His pride is beyond law. He does not belong in this office.

Join me next month in voting for Democrats. Then Congress can stand up and check his worst instincts -- can check them before it’s too late and he ruins the whole world. - John H. Harris, State College, PA