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Centre Region Community Tennis Association open to experienced players and newcomers to the sport

If you’ve ever been slightly interested in giving tennis a try, there’s a place for you here, according to Marian Fritzsche, president of the Centre Region Community Tennis Association.

Created in 2011, CRCTA holds bi-weekly informal tennis matches for newcomers and professionals alike. The matches are at the Circleville Park tennis courts on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m.

“As far as coming to the meetups, there’s really all levels at play here, there are some strong players and others with not so much experience,” Fritzsche said. “But when people come and mix together, everyone’s patient. Just walk on the courts whenever you can, you’re welcome here.”

CRCTA is looking to encourage tennis in the State College area because it’s an activity most people can do and enjoy throughout their lifetime to encourage exercise, according to Fritzsche.

Aside from its bi-weekly meetings, CRCTA holds events for experienced tennis players, newcomers to the sport and families looking to try out tennis with their children.

“The nice thing about these tennis meetups are that you don’t need to worry about calling up people and setting up a match, you just show up and you’re incorporated in the group,” Fritzsche said. “You can just go out there and play some tennis.”

In May, they hold an event geared toward parents and their children to introduce them to tennis with appropriate children’s rackets and training balls.

“This event is to show parents how they can do tennis with their children. There’s so many courts in town, we want to show them how to measure what rackets are best for kids and what balls to use,” Fritzsche said. “We provide decompressed balls for the younger kids so the balls don’t bounce all over the place; it’s less frustrating for the parents. With this, we’ve been trying to teach kids and parents how to work together.”

In June, CRCTA hosts a United States Tennis Association sanctioned Junior Tournament for the central Pennsylvania area. The tournament is for juniors who are interested in progressing through tennis rankings and traveling to tournaments, it’s for kids who are serious about tennis in their future, according to Fritzsche.

“We run this tournament for the Centre Region of Pennsylvania, so it’s not just for the people in Centre County,” Fritzsche said. “The players who participate and are trying to get their ranks up can participate and have it count because its a sanctioned event. We haven’t had many participants but we’re trying to get the word out.”

In the fall, CRCTA hosts a round-robin tournament, a competition among adults in the area. This year’s event will be held on Oct. 20.

“In this event, people can sign up and we’ll have categories for advanced and beginner players in pairs,” Fritzsche said. “Pairs will compete against each other and the winners will get a prize at the end of the competition.”

The club is seeking to add new members and board members.

“There’s so many available tennis courts in town and it’s really a shame that they don’t get used as often as they should be,” Fritzsche said. “Maybe people have forgotten how much you can enjoy tennis, I’ll just encourage people to get out there and play.”

For more information on joining CRCTA, email, join a match by looking up dates and times at, or visit