Good Life

The Easel of Life

The stand we all take to protect

A support given to hold and never hide

Our blank slate or paint less canvas Freedom to express and display with pride

Offerings of heart and soul

It holds sheets of music or visions of beauty

A simple construction, fondling dreams

Things imagined of and all life has to offer

Painting with the love of each brush stroke

Spreading color upon and eventually among us all

Audiences gather to embrace

Stealing or borrowing from one artist to inspire another

Robbing the tree of creativity and the fruit it bares

A hope to replenish or plant a seed of your own to repay

The stand of an instrument or the support of family

An easel to hold hearts and showcase souls

Alone we erect the stand as alone it is dismantled

The easel that holds life and takes it as quick

GODS studio welcomes all artists

We are all the result of HIS one master piece One poem out of 115, in Andrew's newly published book "Poetry in Motion or Speedbumps of Life". It can be found at and Barnes and