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State College Spikes name essay contest winners

Radio Park Elementary School first-grader Layla Hutchison was selected as a winner in the Spikes essay contest.
Radio Park Elementary School first-grader Layla Hutchison was selected as a winner in the Spikes essay contest. Photo provided

Young scribes and artists recently showed off their talent in this year’s State College Spikes essay contest.

The contest was divided into three grade levels each offering two themes for the students to address.

Students in kindergarten and first grade created drawings and wrote a sentence on the theme “If I were Ike the Spike” or “My favorite thing about the State College Spikes.”

Those in second through fourth grade were asked to write a short essay focusing on “If I coached the Spikes” or “A day in the life of Ike the Spike.”

Fifth- through eighth-graders wrote an essay of 300 words or less entitled “If I could create a new food item for the Spikes, it would be (blank)” or “What it would be like to play baseball for the State College Spikes.”

The winners in each age group received tickets to a Spikes game for their entire grade. The winning essays are printed below.

Grades K-1

If I were Ike the Spike I would be cheering joyfully for my team.

Layla Hutchison, first grade, Radio Park Elementary School

Grades 2-4

If I were the coach of the Spikes, first, we would warm up around the field and I would have my best thrower throw to the outfield. I would do that so the player who’s catching it would remember that sometimes he will need to catch that type of throw. Next, while they’re doing that I would write down the line-up with the best hitters on top and the others on the bottom. I would do that so we would have a higher advantage of winning. Then, it was game time. We were batting the first part of the inning, and on the field next. After all of that was done, we ended up losing. But, that’s OK because there are lots of games left.

Ava Baker, second grade, Lewistown Elementary School

Grades 5-8

If I could create a food item for the Spikes it would be Spike designed ice cream. I’d call it “Ike’s Ice Cream,” for Ike the Spike. The ice cream would have a huge baseball, legs to stand on the baseball, a body, and a head. “Ike’s Ice Cream,” would be served in a cone or a dish.

First is the base. The baseball will be a half scoop of vanilla ice cream. The laces will be red sprinkles shaped like arrows to look like baseball laces. The part where the laces are closest beside one another will be on the top of the half scoop. “Ike” would be in black icing on the front.

Next are the legs. The cleats would be smashed Oreos. The pants would be white dyed cookie dough. The belt would have four red sprinkles shapes as a square in the front middle of the waist. On the sides of the square horizontally would be blue sprinkles going around the waist.

Third is the body. The T-shaped jersey will be white dyed cookie dough. The “Spikes” title would be tan, red, and blue icing along with “00” on the back. The arms would be regular cookie dough with smashed Oreos as the hooves.

Finally is the head. The shape of the head would be regular cookie dough. The eyes would be white circular sprinkles with a bit of black icing in the center. The antlers will be half of mini heart shaped pretzels. The baseball cap would be blue cookie dough shaped as a cap. The mouth will be an upside down rainbow shape in white icing.

In conclusion I would create “Ike’s Ice Cream” for a Spike food item. “Ike’s Ice Cream” would have an explosion of tastes in your mouth!

Gunnar Wagner, fifth grade, Indian Valley Intermediate School