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The Hummingbird Room spreads wings, tastes with supper club

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Getting on the list gets you a fine-dining experience from around the world.

Welcome to The Hummingbird Room, host of the monthly Miss Ruby’s Supper Club. Located in a Victorian house at 4188 Penns Valley Road in Spring Mills, the space itself is neither like the famed Philadelphia restaurant where chef Eric Sarnow sharpened his knife more than two decades ago, nor is it the yacht where he whipped up exquisite meals while sailing the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas.

Instead, it culls from a plate of culinary experiences, one that traces the Sarnows’ journey from Pennsylvania to around the world and then back again.

“It’s a completely different lifestyle these days,” said Claudia Sarnow, Eric’s wife and co-owner of the Hummingbird Room. “And we love it.”

These days, The Hummingbird Room, which the Sarnows reopened in late 2014 after about a decade away at sea, is spreading its wings. The space now features retail offerings besides hosting caterings, weddings and other events.

But the supper club, held once or twice a month, offers curious palates a taste of gourmet and global cuisine in a more intimate setting. The dinners range from four to nine courses. The ingredients, meanwhile, are locally sourced, hewing to the Sarnows’ love for dining fresh. Claudia said they were doing “farm-to-table” before “farm-to-table” was a thing.

The menu is sent out via email from; reservations can be made by sending a note to the address. There are no set hours, no phone number for reservations. For the Sarnows, who tired of the daily grind of restaurant life, it puts the emphasis on making the dining experience individualized and upscale.

“We decided we would do some dinners but not be open as a full-time restaurant,” Claudia said. “So we’re allowed to be in the kitchen and not on the phone.”

The club has gained a following. It’s fine dining, Claudia said, in a country setting.

“We’re not limited by type of cuisine,” she said. “We try to take the best ingredients we can and use simple techniques that highlight the quality what we’re working on.”

The Hummingbird Room

Where: 4188 Penns Valley Road, Spring Mills