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Pediatric Dental Care makes dentistry fun for kids

Pediatric Dental Care is located in Port Matilda.
Pediatric Dental Care is located in Port Matilda. Photo provided

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Q: How long have you been around?

A: Dr. John Kelly started Pediatric Dental Care in 1977. After outgrowing multiple locations, our current facility was custom-built for our patients in 2012. A little-known fact is that the two current owners, Dr. Bob Kilareski and Dr. Matt Kremser, were both patients of Dr. Kelly when they were children.

Q: What do you offer the community?

A: As board-certified pediatric dentists, we have additional specialty training in treating the complex dental needs of all children. We also specialize in treating patients with special behavioral and medical needs, dental trauma and early orthodontic needs. Our practice treats a large number of patients who can’t otherwise find care. Dr. Bob and Dr. Matt both have deep roots in this community. Aside from Pediatric Dental Care sponsoring numerous community events, youth sports teams, 4-H clubs, etc., Dr. Bob and Dr. Matt are both active in their churches. They both also volunteer time to youth groups, participate with CVIM events and are the official dentists of the State College Area School District.

Q: What do you love about what you do?

A: The best part of our job is “the kids.” They keep us young and on our toes all day long. As pediatric dentists, we have a very unique opportunity to paint a positive picture about the dental experience. When children come to our office for dental procedures, it is about their experience while they are here. From the moment they walk through the front door, they step into a child-friendly, Safari-themed office that consists of sculptured and painted trees and waterfalls, 3-D animals that emerge from the ceiling tiles and walls, video game centers, “I-spy” walls and flat screen televisions that play Disney cartoons. The idea is to make dentistry a fun and positive experience for the kids.

Q: What makes Centre County a great place to live?

A: We are very fortunate to not only work in Centre County but also to live here. State College and Penn State offer the perks of a bigger city, such as nice restaurants, entertainment and Big Ten Sports. A quick drive from State College puts you in the heart of the mountains that offer outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, hunting and world-class fishing. We truly have the best of both worlds right here in our backyard.

Q: What’s on the horizon for the coming year?

A: Last summer, Pediatric Dental Care partnered with Anesthesia Associates of Central Pennsylvania. Dr. Kevin Dincher, who is a dental anesthesiologist, now works daily with Pediatric Dental Care providing deep sedation and general anesthesia services to children who need a large amount of dental work, or those children with special needs. Previously, this patient population would have to travel to the hospital systems in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to receive appropriate care. They are now treated in a private surgical suite in our office, saving families time and money while still providing the expected high level of care, and eliminating dental anxiety that can often be experienced with this patient population.

Pediatric Dental Care

Where: 1019 Ghaner Road, Port Matilda

Info: 238-7120, www.pediatric