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Miller’s Hoagies worth the trip off the beaten path

Editor’s note: This story is part of the Eat, Play, Live special section.

Hoagies are a Pennsylvania institution.

Call them subs or grinders or torpedoes somewhere else. Pennsylvania is hoagie country.

Centre County, specifically, is Miller’s Hoagie country.

It’s a little shop, far off the beaten path. A lesser hoagie can be found anywhere you want. Want a Miller’s Hoagie? You have to work for it.

To be precise, you have to drive to Milesburg. You’re looking for a shop that looks like a regular house, with a small sign that you see because you are looking for it.

Inside, the hoagies seem simple. I mean, it’s meat and cheese, it’s bread and lettuce and tomatoes. That’s not rocket science.

But really, the best things never are.

The balance is perfect. It’s not overstuffed to the point of ridiculousness. That’s not the point. The goal is the flawless ratio of each component of quality products, all coming together for that bite that is chewy, meaty, fresh and just flat-out yummy.

Just a sandwich? Sure. But an institution that’s worth the trip.