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Centre County Can Help provides around-the-clock services

In Centre County, immediate mental health crisis intervention services are available 24 hours a day, every day, by calling Centre County Can Help at 800-643-5432.

Centre County Can Help is dedicated to the mental health wellness of all individuals in our county. Crisis intervention services include telephone crisis counseling, mobile crisis intervention — a counselor will meet with you at an agreed location — and walk-in crisis services located at The Meadows. We provide immediate crisis de-escalation, supportive counseling, problem resolution and referrals to mental health and human service agencies.

“Most people think they should only call Centre County Can Help when they are in real trouble or need to go to the hospital. That’s not true,” said Amy Luse, crisis supervisor. “We want people to call when they are struggling.”

Centre County Can Help provides support to people who are struggling with depression, anxiety or any mental health illness, feeling overwhelmed with life changes and stressors, school and peer-related problems, relationship issues and thoughts of suicide. Can Help counselors receive intensive education and training on how to help a person who is struggling with thoughts of suicide.

“We know how to assess for risk, what to do and how to intervene immediately when a person is expressing thoughts of suicide,” Luse said.

Crisis counselor Nikki Clampet said, “The best thing that we do is make sure that people are safe; and getting them connected to resources.”

Can Help is actively involved in the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Centre County Suicide Prevention Task Force. September is Centre County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. Suicide affects the lives of thousands of Pennsylvanians each year. Can Help is one resource in our community that is working toward helping people and reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Centre County Can Help provides community education and regularly speaks to senior citizen centers, youth service organizations, schools, human service agencies and mental health providers on risks and warning signs of suicide as well as a variety of topics relating to how to help a person who is in crisis.

Centre County Can Help is here to listen and provide supportive crisis services when you need a helping hand. One phone call can make a difference.