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Stick to your health goals with The Prize Club

Consider your health habits over the past year. Were they consistent with what you intended at the beginning of the year? If not, is this a typical pattern for you? All too often, the answer is yes — your intentions may be good, but it’s possible your motivations and methods are flawed. So, what is the solution?

Let’s start with motivation. One of the top reasons people create health-related goals is poor health. The onset of conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure often cause us to react by changing our diets and starting an exercise program. Declining health is an excellent motivator, but why wait until we have no choice? Why don’t we begin practicing these habits while we are in good health?

Now, let’s look at methods. Healthy lifestyles include healthy diets and regular exercise. Many people turn to fad diets when, in fact, 97 percent regain all the lost weight within 3 years.

To successfully live a long term healthy lifestyle, our motivation must reflect what is truly important in our lives, and our method must be consistent with both our desires and reality.

One on One has created a wellness program, The Prize Club, that accomplishes these objectives.

The Prize Club provides the tools and inspiration necessary to break destructive habits and sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term. Members succeed by receiving the best education in fitness, nutrition and habit change. Most importantly, members put their education to use by following structured daily plans delivered by Prize Club Advisors.

This is a 30-day wellness program focused on specialization. People create poor health habits for different reasons, and accordingly, they need individualized strategies to overcome their challenges. Prize Club members don’t receive generic diets and workouts that are delivered to thousands of other people. What they do receive is a specialized program and professional guidance throughout their 30-day experience.

In addition to the education, The Prize Club’s group dynamic is key to success. The accountability and support that comes from a group of like-minded individuals working toward the same objectives is extremely powerful.

Why wait for a health crisis to change your health habits? Why go through another year of dieting and feeling guilty about not exercising enough? Now is the time to be proactive and make realistic, sustainable changes.

Our next 30-day program begins Jan. 16 and registration closes Jan. 2. The Prize Club For more information or to sign up for the upcoming session, go to

Paige Whitmire is One on One’s registered dietitian and co-creator of The Prize Club.