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The seeds of God’s love grow in us

What is God all about? Who is Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit?

I remember cutting an apple open one day and saw how the seeds were arranged all around the core. The seeds lay there resting in clear little pods. It is amazing how this hidden part of the apple can be planted and grow and make more apple trees.

When Jesus was speaking to the Pharases, he said, “what is born of the Spirit is Spirit.” Jesus was teaching them that we all have bodies that can be seen, but the spirit lives within us if we allow him to and he is hidden from sight.

When we accept God’s love, the spirit of God lives within us even though it is something that cannot be seen. It causes our life to have a beautiful design and just as the seeds in the apple grow — so the seeds of God’s love will grow in us.

God is love. God loves you. He died on the cross for you and I; God made us and loved us from the beginning of time. God sent prophets to try to help us understand his love but even now we still have trouble taking it all in.

Jesus sent his son Jesus to show us how much he loved us. Jesus came with compassion and love and tried to teach us forgiveness. Is there anyone you have not forgiven for something? As hard as you may feel it is to forgive — just remember what our Lord did for our sins and how he forgives us our sins when we go to him and confess our sins. When he was on Earth he healed the sick and his comfort and grace were and still are so amazing.

His disciples adored him but his enemies made false witness about him.

Jesus was crucified, buried and he rose again.

He is alive, and it is his spirit that lives within us. What a wonderful gift from him that is to have his Holy Spirit living within us — leading and guiding us.

I pray that our Lord’s Holy Spirit does live within you and if you have not yet come to know the Lord I pray that will open your hearts and minds to him and grow in love for Jesus and his people. I pray God’s blessings on you all.

Valerie Delooze is the pastor in the Madisonburg and Rebersburg United Methodist Churches.