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Where can you recycle an old computer and other recycling FAQs

I staffed a recycling information booth at a Harvest Festival event earlier this month and answered many questions from residents. I am always answering questions either in person, on the phone or over email and I love the face to face, voice to voice or text to text connection. But did you know that Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority has a whole page on our website dedicated just to answering Frequently Asked Questions? Check out the FAQ section of to see if it helps to answer your recycling questions. I’ve also put a few below that might be of interest.

Q: What can I do with old paint?

A: There is a difference between latex paint and oil-based paint, and therefore they must be handled differently.

Latex paint, when dry, may be disposed of in your regular trash. If you are simply overwhelmed with latex paint, the authority’s Transfer Station is allowed to accept up to 5 gallons of latex paint per person per day. There is a $15 minimum charge for this service. Please note that the authority will not accept latex paint at our Household Hazardous Waste events.

Oil-based paint, when dry, may be disposed of in your regular trash. CRRA’s Transfer Station will not accept oil-based paint in liquid form. If you are simply overwhelmed with oil-based paint, the authority holds a Household Hazardous Waste Collection each spring. The authority accepts oil-based paint at this event. In addition, ReStore in Bellefonte takes unopened cans of oil-based paint for reuse. For more information, call 353-2390.

Tips to dry paint: Get a sturdy cardboard box and fill with clay-based kitty litter, pour the paint onto the kitty litter and let dry. Then dispose of this dried mixture with your trash. Some local hardware and paint stores carry a paint solidifier. Simply purchase, follow directions and when paint is dried, put out for trash collection.

Q: Where can I recycle my computer and monitor?

A: CRRA has a collection site for electronics. Residents can stop by our facility from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Saturday and drop electronics off for free (businesses should call for pricing). Not all electronics are accepted for recycling. Check out the Electronics Recycling Guide on our website for details on the program.

Q: Should I bag my paper for recycling?

A: If you are a curbside recycling customer, yes. You must bag or bundle your paper so it will not get wet or blow away. If you use our local drop-off boxes or blue recycling carts, there is no need to bag your paper. However, due to the nature of shredded paper, it should be bagged in all cases.

There are many more FAQs on our website. If you do visit our website and notice I am missing a FAQ that you think would help you or someone else, please let me know. Thanks for recycling!

Amy Schirf is education coordinator for the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority. Contact her at