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Penn State Extension will take a virtual walking tour through Pa. this spring. You’re invited

Have the few sunny warm days we’ve had in central Pennsylvania gotten you excited about being outside again? Does it have you thinking about putting on that pair of sneakers and going for a walk with your friends? If so, Penn State Extension has just the thing for you!

Penn State Extension will be taking a virtual walking tour through Pennsylvania this spring and you are invited to join us for this fun and healthy adventure.

What is a virtual walking tour? Through weekly newsletters and weblinks, photos and stories you will explore some of the beautiful and interesting natural wonders across Pennsylvania. Newsletters will include motivators to keep walking and strategies for healthy eating to help you and team members keep moving toward a healthier lifestyle.

Everybody Walks is in its sixth year, this time exploring the natural wonders of our state. It’s easy to become involved either on your own, with friends, work buddies, a church group, school classrooms or the family dog. We encourage teams of five, but if that’s not possible don’t worry — the important thing is to get outside and get moving. Moderate activity, such as walking, reduces stress and fatigue and increases mental alertness. It improves cardiovascular functioning and strengthens bones. Combined with healthy eating, it can help reduce or maintain body weight and decrease incidence of certain chronic diseases.

The eight-week program — which runs from April 1 through May 26 — is free, but registration is required by April 1. During the eight weeks, you will receive encouraging progress reports, enjoy a customized virtual tour of the splendors of Pennsylvania and most importantly begin to develop healthy habits along the way. Individuals with all levels of physical ability are encouraged to participate and an exercise conversion chart is available to help convert physical activity into miles walked.

The goal is for team members (even if you are a team of one) to try and walk or exercise an average of 15 miles per week for the eight weeks of the program. You can walk on your own or with team members, at a time and place convenient for you. There will be a team captain that will report the total number of miles walked each week by the team members. You and/or your team can make it as low key or as competitive as you want. Remember four-legged team members are welcome!

For more information or to register, visit or contact Karen Bracey at 570-836-3196 or

Sharon McDonald, MEd, RD, LDN with Penn State Extension.