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What to know about the advantages of daily replacement contacts

The idea of a contact lens was first introduced by Leonardo da Vinci way back in 1508. However, the technology at the time did not allow his vision to become a reality. In fact, the first successful fitting of a contact lens was not accomplished until 1888 by the German ophthalmologist Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick. These early lenses were known as scleral lenses and were large, made of glass and extremely uncomfortable. It was not until the 1960s that soft lenses first became an available option. These lenses were much more comfortable, easier to fit and significantly healthier for your eyes.

For years the most popular modality for contact use was monthly replacement. This basically meant that you would take out your lenses every night, clean them and then throw them away once every month. For many people these lenses worked great. However, a significant number of patients still had trouble with dryness and comfort.

If you have ever worn contacts you know the feeling when your contacts are nearing the end of their life span. Most people report that their contacts are much more comfortable at the beginning when they first take them out of their packaging than after they have worn them for a few weeks or a month. Even though proper care and cleaning can definitely prolong their comfort, there is nothing that can quite keep that fresh lens feeling.

For this reason, daily contacts were invented and have recently become the best option for many contact wearers. There are many advantages to daily replacement contacts including comfort, health and convenience.

Comfort is definitely the biggest reason that patients switch into a daily contact. Daily contacts are great because you get that fresh lens feeling every day. You do not have to worry about any protein build-up accumulating on the lens or worry about the lens deteriorating over time. Daily contacts also retain moisture well, so they are great for patients who suffer from symptoms of dry eye.

Eye health is also an important advantage of daily contacts. Always having a fresh contact maximizes the amount of oxygen and moisture on the eye. These contacts can really decrease the number of infections that patients have and significantly help with dry eye symptoms. They are also much healthier for kids and teenagers that may not be as compliant with cleaning and caring for their lenses.

The convenience of daily lenses is also something that is hard to beat. You no longer have to clean the lenses daily or worry about storing them. This is also great if you are someone that does not wear contacts every day. Since you do not have to worry about storing the lenses on the days you do not wear them, you can save money as you would not need to buy a full year supply or contact lens solutions.

Although there are many advantages to daily contacts, they are still not the best option for everyone. This is especially true for patients who have a strong desire to sleep in their contacts. They also do not come in all prescriptions, or work for patients with certain eye diseases that require a rigid or specialty lens. However, for the majority of patients they offer an exciting new way to achieve great vision while also knowing that their eyes will be healthy and comfortable all day every day.

Andrea Russell is an optometrist at Nittany Eye Associates.