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The challenge is on: Will you participate in Centre County’s Community Wellness Day?

Community Wellness Day is Friday, May 31st. We challenge you to participate in an activity that supports your whole health wellness.

According to county health rankings, Centre County is the second healthiest county in the Commonwealth. It’s no wonder, as there is such richness in both the urban and rural parts of this unique county. Centre Countians can enjoy the change in seasons by watching sporting events, planting vegetable and flower gardens, hiking or biking in one of the beautiful state parks located here, or simply by absorbing the nature around us. Many realize the physical benefit that comes with such activities, but do they also consider the emotional benefit?

The world around us impacts the balance of our lives. The search for a balance of physical and mental health can be challenging, to say the least. Life, work, community, education, family and friends impact each of us physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Just as we tend to our physical health needs through exercise, eating healthfully, or running about our hectic lives, it is equally important to tend to our mental health. This is achieved uniquely for all of us through services or supports that are widely available in our Centre County Community by spending time in outdoor activities that promote whole health wellness, by spending time with family and friends, or through what you are now being challenged to do – participating in a Community Wellness Day activity on Friday, May 31st!

We challenge you, students of all ages, to educate yourselves and your peers about the supports and services that are available in our community that promote wellness.

We challenge you, honored veterans, to exhibit the inner strength that you carry and enjoy the environment that your efforts allowed us to live and thrive in.

We challenge you, physical and mental health care providers, to highlight your ability to support individuals’ whole health wellness by providing holistic care, care for which there are tools available in this community to build your skill. The Zero Suicide Steering Committee of Centre County is ready to help you.

We challenge you, professionals, to take a mental health day and connect with what makes you feel most well.

We challenge you, revered seniors, to show and promote the long-term benefit of a healthy balanced life.

We challenge you to participate in a Community Wellness Day activity on Friday, May 31st. A full listing of activities can be accessed by going to

If you need help accessing whole health services or locating the array of supports that are available in Centre County, please contact one of the following agencies:

  • Centre County Can Help, 1-800-643-5432
  • Centre Helps, 237-5855 or 1-800-494-2500
  • Centre County Adult Services, 355-6768
  • Centre County Office of Aging, 355-6716
  • Centre County Veterans Affairs, 355-6812
  • Centre County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities/Early Intervention-Drug and Alcohol, 355-6786
Michelle Henry is the Centre County assistant administrator for mental health services.