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People Centre’d on Diabetes: Organization passes the baton

The diabetes and obesity epidemic has not ended. We must persevere. Evermore, people are suffering from diabetes, both Type 1 — which is mostly inherited — and Type 2, which can be inherited and lifestyle-related.

People Centre’d on Diabetes has been operating in our community to limit the effect of diabetes since 2008. Under its mission, “to raise diabetes awareness and promote wellness in the Centre Region,” PCOD has been working for diabetes prevention as well as supporting those living with diabetes through this monthly column and many community events.

What is PCOD? A group of people living with diabetes, family members and health professionals who came together believing that more should be done, and not just by health care professionals and the health care system. The community must come together to fight diabetes and obesity.

But change is inevitable and now it is time for PCOD to pass the baton to a bigger organization with essentially the same mission, CentreMoves. CentreMoves brings together not only individuals but also businesses and other entities in our community — you can see a list of all the CentreMoves partners at You may have already heard of the CentreMoves Fit Families Challenge that is going on right now or the radio campaign last fall.

Are you a person, a public entity or an institution, such as a church or business, that believes that health is a shared responsibility of not only individuals but also the community as a whole? Are you ready to step up and help? Are you ready to work toward healthier lifestyle opportunities for all across the Centre Region and in support of all our friends and neighbors already living with diabetes? To help, contact CentreMoves at The commitment will be whatever you make it — occasional input or work on a project.

All of us at PCOD want to thank all of you who have worked with us during the past eight years toward the vision of reversing the tide of diabetes and limiting the effect on those living with diabetes. Keep up the good work.

People Centre’d on Diabetes Board of Directors. For further information about PCOD and its history contact Info@CentreMoves .org