TV show features local missing person case as new details emerge

A television show featuring an area psychic is putting a national spotlight on a local missing person case.

The disappearance of Jennifer Cahill-Shadle was a point on ABC Family’s “Monica the Medium” on Tuesday, featuring Penn State student and medium Monica Ten-Kate.

Cahill-Shadle was last seen in May 2014. Her mother, Johanna Zmuida, has been a driving force in seeking her ever since.

“I’ve had prior experience with mediums,” said Zmuida. “Monica is the real deal. She has an amazing gift there. And not only is she able to tell you messages, but she also can express emotion. She is a very, very interesting person.”

On the show, Ten-Kate contacts the family after seeing Cahill-Shadle’s missing persons flier, and meets them after working with another medium in a parking lot.

“I couldn’t feel for certain one way or another if Jennifer has crossed over or if she’s still alive,” Ten-Kate told them.

She said she felt a presence at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe and the family confirmed she was there the day before she disappeared, and mentioned three men at a bar. Police said that Cahill-Shadle briefly spoke with a table of middle-aged Hispanic men at Champs Sports Grill, information that was released in August 2014.

Zmuida also released information that has come to light in Cahill-Shadle’s case since the last update.

“We found out on her anniversary date that here she had been in the tanning salon down in the Wal-Mart complex,” said Zmuida.

Cahill-Shadle was previously believed to be last seen at the North Atherton Wal-Mart on May 15 about 5:15 p.m. The new information put her at the nearby tanning salon for an appointment that afternoon, but also had her coming back around 8 p.m. to look for a lost wallet.

“They helped her look for it and then she left,” said Zmuida. “The whole timeline has changed. She was still alive and around at 8 p.m., not at 5 p.m.”

The worried mother, who says she would like the FBI to take over the case from the Ferguson Township police, is asking anyone who may have seen Cahill-Shadle to reach out. In addition to police, information can be directed to the Missing Jennifer Shadle Facebook page or to the family’s private investigator at 215-915-7400.

Cahill-Shadle, 49, is 5 feet 4 inches tall with a thin build, blue eyes and curly brown hair.