Area trout fishing lured inn owner

Jonas Price said if you’re an angler, Coburn is the place to be.

And The Feathered Hook Bed & Breakfast is the place to stay.

“Fishing in the area is amazing and the area is gorgeous,” Price said. “It’s a true getaway to great fishing.”

That’s why he moved from Seattle to central Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s just to purchase The Feathered Hook, an inn and fly shop about 85 feet from Penns Creek and within walking distance of Elk and Pine creeks.

Price said “it’s not a fancy or stuffy atmosphere,” but it’s a family-friendly, lodge-type place where guests can expect “great customer service.”

“I think that’s the key to success,” Price said. “When someone walks through the door, we want them to have a good experience. The goal is to expedite their learning curve when it comes to fly fishing, whether they’re beginners or veterans.”

His shop offers fly-fishing classes and guided lessons through Outcast Angler, a Loganton-based guide service.

“They should know the fishing can be difficult,” Price said about advice he gives guests. “It’s all wild fish around here, and if they bring the right clothes, then we have everything else they need. The shop is fully stocked.”

The Feathered Hook opened in 1989 at 516 Main St. in Coburn.

Price purchased the inn in 1998, when he was 27, after moving to the area from Seattle.

He said the house has been in that same location since 1875.

Price called himself a former “trout bum” who said the moment he knew he’d buy the inn was when he checked out the location and saw a “beautiful brown trout chasing a fly.”

“I kind of knew at that moment I’d take it,” he said. “I’d spend as much free time as I could fishing. It was a way to avoid working, but I knew I eventually needed to get a job, and I wanted to.”

Price said he stumbled across The Feathered Hook after searching “the fledgling Internet,” as he put a reel up for sale, and then looked at other sale items.

The Feathered Hook was listed.

“There were no pictures and the description was very limited,” he said.

A friend agreed to check it out and urged Price to buy it.

“He stopped by and said it might be something I’m looking for,” Price said. “It was.”

Price was born and lived in New York until the age of 10 and spent time in Pennsylvania.

“I remember driving along (Interstate) 80 and know it gets pretty gorgeous along the drive,” Price said. “The thing is, I remember having a map and stopping at the Lamar exit to get gas and ask where Coburn was. No one knew and I was just 22 minutes away. No one heard of the place. I remember thinking, ‘what am I getting myself into.’ ”

Price said he lived at the B&B until recently, when he moved to Lemont.

“It’s nice to be able to leave work once in a while, and it opened up an extra room,” he said.

The Feathered Hook can accommodate up to 14 guests. Most rooms have two beds, one room has five beds and two rooms have one bed, Price said.

He said guests have come from as far away as Japan, but mainly it is a destination for Pennsylvanians and residents of nearby states.

“We’re about three or four hours from everything, and a lot of times we get a group of friends who live in Baltimore, D.C. and Pittsburgh, and meet in Corburn for a reunion because we’re right in the middle of it all,” Price said.

Price said The Feathered Hook is undergoing remodeling to its bathrooms.

“We try to work on a new project each spring,” he said. “That’s the problem when you own a house built in the 1800s, but we try to do it quick and make appropriate upgrades that won’t affect our guests too much.”

The Feathered Hook employs seven or eight people, of whom three are on staff at any given time — and sometimes more during peak season between April and June, Price said.

“It’s just a place I love and want to share with others,” Price said. “The main thing is that we don’t take ourselves very seriously, but we take you seriously so you can enjoy your experience and help you catch more fish.”