Vaux Electronics adapts over time

Vaux Electronics in Philipsburg
Vaux Electronics in Philipsburg CDT photo

One of the big secrets to success for a small business is the ability to roll with the punches and change with the times to give customers what they want.

In the Moshannon Valley, there might not be a business that has been doing that the way Vaux Electronics has.

The store sits along U.S. Route 322, just across the street from Cold Stream Dam Recreation Area, serving all of the wired and wireless needs of locals.

Need a cellphone? What about a printer? Batteries, cables, that weird prongy widget that makes this thing work with that thing? You name it ... well, even if you can’t name it, if you need it, Vaux is probably your best shot for finding it in the area.

Owner Jason Vaux says the store has been in business for more than 40 years, but many wouldn’t recognize it from its roots.

It started as a pet store on Front Street. Then that turned into hobbies and pets. Then hobbies, pets and electronics. Pets went away, and it moved to Cold Stream and was a Radio Shack franchise.

It became the place to go for anything techy. They sold phones, handled satellite service and fixed computers. If you needed an ink cartridge to print out a resume or CDs to burn a playlist for your wedding, Vaux was the one spot that might be able to hook you up.

Today, Jason Vaux says about 90 percent of his business comes from selling and servicing cellphones. He also is following the longstanding tradition of finding out what the locals need and giving it to them.

A growing portion of the business centers on custom signs. Then there is packaging, with Vaux Electronics becoming a FedEx shipping point. It is all about trying new things.

“We want to be a one-stop shop,” Vaux said.

And it’s a shop that he plans to keep in business as long as possible. He is just the latest Vaux to hold the reins. His kids, who already spend time in the store, would be the fourth generation to keep Vaux Electronics plugged in.