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Bits of Business | Sweet Scoops Gelato serves guilty pleasures

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and Eddie Nicolosi decided Centre Hall needed to embrace it.

Nicolosi and his wife, Rose, opened Sweet Scoops Gelato at 237 N. Pennsylvania Ave. this summer, which served as a cool delight under the sun’s heat.

Eddie Nicolosi has worked in the restaurant industry for most of his life, getting his first pizza shop job at 14, when he tired of being a newspaper boy. He hasn’t stopped making pizza since. He owns the Brother’s Pizza in Centre Hall and co-owns the one near the Nittany Mall.

“When I grew up in New York my mom went to the pizza shop for me and told them I wanted to work,” Eddie Nicolosi said. “When I got to work there I loved it.”

The Nicolosis’ plans for Sweet Scoops Gelato this winter aren’t set. It might only be open on the weekends, but they expect favorite menu choices to change from ice cream, gelato and yogurt.

“We have lattes, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate and those should all be very popular as it gets cold out,” Eddie Nicolosi said.

A name change for a changed business

Christina and Rob Monzillo considered how they could make their store better, an understandable query for any business owner on a daily basis.

Their simple quest to better their business led to a name change, a new business model and an interior facelift.

Access, at 224 E. College Ave., in State College, is now Sercy.

“Sercy, it’s a South tradition,” Christina Monzillo said. “It’s a just-because-I-love-you gift.”

The name change suits the store’s new style, which still includes the women’s clothing it has always been known for. It now has clothing for female college-age students and a lot of gifts and accessories.

“It’s more man-friendly and mom-friendly now,” Christina Monzillo said. “We have gifts like tipsy wine glasses. There are things for the dorm, like picture frames and wall hooks.”

The store closed for five weeks for remodeling, and Sercy’s has gotten a positive initial response.

“It’s been excellent so far,” Christina Monzillo said. “I think we are doing what we wanted to do. It’s been great seeing people come in and being interested in new things we added to the store.”

Pack, stamp and send

Denny and Becca Brittan wanted to open a second chain store for Goin’ Postal.

But six years ago they had their second child, and the economy sank into recession. The combination of the two meant the Brittans would put their business ambitions on hold.

They finally opened their second store at 1341 S. Atherton St. Goin’ Postal primarily serves as a shipping business.

“It’s funny, because it’s been eight years since we opened our first store in Lewistown,” Denny Brittan said. “We kind of forgot what it’s like in the beginning.”

They said State College has a larger market than Lewistown, but they’ll keep the same values that made their first store successful.

“We got to be known for our good customer service in Lewistown, and that’s what you need in a small community,” Denny Brittan said. “If you don’t have good customer service, word of mouth gets around quick and you’re out of business. We’ve had lots of practice with good customer service.”