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Bits of Business | Jezebel’s moves to Patton Township

Location. Location. Location.

Patty and Jessie Stover opened Jezebel’s Boutique in downtown State College in 2007, but they heard one thing over and over.

“People have wanted to come check the store out, but they didn’t want to come downtown because of parking or just because they didn’t want to go downtown,” Patty said. “I had always worked downtown, and I always loved it, and it’s really not as bad as some people think it is. We really enjoyed it, but we thought there were more opportunities if we moved.”

They moved their shop to 355 Colonnade Blvd. in December.

“Our customers have come in, and they’ve really liked the location,” Patty said. “We’ve had a lot of new customers come in, because a lot of them shop at Wegmans. It picked up a lot in our first month, but the weather didn’t always cooperate last month. Even then, customers are right there. They don’t have to walk far to come in.”