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Bits of Business: New dental practice to open

A trip to the dentist’s office can’t be that bad, especially if you’re Jason Stetson.

He will open a dental practice, The Woods Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, that will share a building with Pediatric Dental Care and Happy Valley Orthodontics at 1019 Ghaner Road, in Port Matilda. Construction for the practiced is scheduled to be completed by April.

Stetson previously worked for Steven Fishbaine at Comprehensive and Aesthetic Dentistry in State College.

“Just starting the business, there was so much that went into it,” Stetson said. “I decided while I have some time, it was the best opportunity to start a practice.”

Sharing a building with Pediatric Dental Care and Happy Valley Orthodontics, he said, will enable smooth collaborative dental care across different age groups and dental care needs.

Stetson, on a limited schedule, is seeing patients in the Happy Valley Orthodontics office until construction to his practice is complete.

“It’s kind of like taking baby steps while construction is ongoing, but I can’t wait to really open it,” he said. “It seems like a culmination of so many things. I can’t adequately describe it in words.”