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Bits of Business: New business owner wants to team up

Musicians often collaborate. Why not businesses?

Ryan Callahan said he hopes that collaborating with other local businesses will give Anthym, a new business slated to open in March, a running start.

“Anthym is an apparel and shoe store geared toward a runner’s lifestyle or an active person’s lifestyle from apparel you wear in the gym, in yoga, cross training, any fitness activity, and that’s the nuts and bolts of it,” Callahan said. “The second thing, and what’s really important to me, too, is community outreach, being a physical activity advocate and partnering with local gyms and studios.”

He is making plans with several local studios, gyms and running clubs to hopefully have collaborations once a week where other businesses could go to his store or he could go to another business.

“We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, so if we can promote these fitness groups in town and on campus and they can promote us, its great for everyone.” he said.

Renovations to the 3,000 square foot retail space at 228 E. College Ave., where former clothing store Mr. Charles was located, will take about two months.

He’ll employ about 15 people when the store opens.