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Bits of Business: State College salon has a California vibe

Jenny Rose grew up near Malibu, Calif., and brought her roots to the salon she recently opened.

Rose opened J. Rose and Co. Salon on Feb. 5 in The Retreat at State College’s clubhouse on Waupelani Drive, which is fittingly poolside.

“It pretty much was a matter of the right time and right opportunity,” Rose said. “I feel lucky to open the salon here. It’s one of the hottest spots in State College.”

Rose was inspired not only by her California background but also by clientele to create a salon with a unique atmosphere.

“I sat down with Penn State marketing students one night, and they asked what made me different,” she said. “I said I’ve only been in State College for a year and that I was from California, so it was decided we’d have a real California feel to things. I talked to students, locals and moms, because I’m a mom, and I picked their brains to find out what they wanted.”

She opened the salon, because she couldn’t make as much money working for others.

“In California, the laws are a little different,” she said. “You pay a rental fee for a booth and pay for your own supplies, whereas here you can’t do that. I’m happy with how it’s turned out, though. So many people have been part of creating it and the vibe.”

The salon is 640 square feet with three tanning beds, spray tanning and full-service salon for and nails.