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Bits of Business: Athlete’s experience with pain makes him a chiropractic champion

Dr. Jon Carlson works with former Penn State wrestler Frank Molinaro. Carlson recently opened Champion Sports Rehab in State College.
Dr. Jon Carlson works with former Penn State wrestler Frank Molinaro. Carlson recently opened Champion Sports Rehab in State College. CDT photo

Jon Carlson has had a separated shoulder, torn rotator cuff and ACL and MCL injuries.

Based on his experience with injuries, said he wanted to help other athletes. Carlson recently opened Champion Sports Rehab, an 1,800-square foot facility at 724 S. Atherton St.

“The biggest part of why I did this is in rural Pennsylvania, in a small town, we didn’t have athletic trainers or big gyms to go and learn to do things properly,” he said. “We did well, but being an athlete, I had injuries, so it made me decide to be proactive and do injury prevention and get athletes healthy.”

Carlson’s practice offers sports rehabilitation, chiropractic care and injury prevention.

“I’m more on the sports medicine or biomechanics side of things,” Carlson said. “I analyze athletes and how they function, what muscles and joints do, and how it all works together. I can tell them these are the injuries you’re prone to, and this is what we need to do to correct that. I’m also their tune-up guy to help them perform better.”

His work led him to London for the 2012 Olympics where he helped wrestler Jaime Espinal win a silver medal at 84 kilograms, the first time a Puerto Rican wrestler medaled at the Olympics. He also helped United States wrestler Jake Varner win a gold medal at 96 kilograms.

His work, however, extends far beyond elite world athletes.

“I work on everyone,” he said. “If you like golf at 50 and want to continue playing or if you work in a factory, we can help you. We help patients of all kinds.”

Drayer opens physical therapy center

Former Penn State athletes Tasha Norman and Ian Shelley helped Drayer Physical Therapy Institute open an outpatient physical therapy center in Patton Township.

The center opened Wednesday at 1019 Ghaner Road, Suite 300, and will host a public open house 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday.

Norman is the center’s manager in addition to her role as area manager. She also holds the State College Area School District 200 individual medley swimming record at 2:04:97.

“When I’m not here, that’s something I’ll keep my eye on,” she said. “I hope it gets broken. In my world, records are meant to be broken.”

Shelley, a gymnast who represented his native England in the 1992 Summer Olympics, is a physical therapist. The center’s third therapist is Erie native Julian Digilio.

The center’s specialties are orthopedics, pediatrics, sports medicine, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, manual therapy, weight management and McKenzie method spine therapy.

Expanding ownership

The foundation for Baisheng Zheng’s businesses began in a small Chinese restaurant called Golden Ladle inside Nittany Mall. But he has expanded his business ventures at a rapid pace since November.

Zheng opened the Golden Dragon Market on East Calder Way in November and bought a Chinese restaurant at 332 W. College Ave. The restaurant was called the Sichuan Bistro and will be renamed Golden Wok.

“Here it’s very simple,” Zheng said referring to the smaller Golden Ladle. “Golden Wok has a lot of potential. A lot of people wanted to get that place, so we negotiated a lot. Golden Wok is right by Penn State, and there are all the students there, so there’s more people working and more business.”

Zheng said he’ll make some changes to the menu.

“I will keep the popular items, but in China we have many famous styles of food from different locations and regions,” he said. “We’d like to have a variety of things and have new specials every week.”

The new businesses, predictably, have kept Zheng on his toes.

“I go back and forth a lot, but it’s been good,” he said. “It’s Chinese New Year time, so we’re pretty busy because of that holiday.”

In case you missed it

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