Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 12 - Sept. 16, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 12, 2016, through Sept. 16, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Gregory S. Brown and Terry L. Brown to Michael J. Galardo and Shelly R. Galardo, 315 S. Monroe St., $136,500.

Jeffrey Bragg and Elizabeth Bragg to Tevis R. Williams, 340 E. Beaver St., $132,500.

Benner Township

David B. Perry and Pamela A. Perry to Dustin M. Veazey and Jessica V. Veazey, 481 Millgate Road, $279,900.

Boggs Township

Audrey B. Fisher Estate, Brian F. Fisher and Eric M. Fisher to Christine A. Long, 103 Grove St., $135,000.

Noel P. Larkin to Noel P. Larkin, William V. Larkin, and Paul N. Larkin, 161 High View Drive, $1.

College Township

James C. Wambold and Alice E. Wambold a/k/a E. Alice Wambold to Joshua A. Robinson and Amy C. Robinson, 126 Randy Lane, $70,000.

Cathryn G. Watson to Nitwit Property Holdings A LLC, 134 Fairlawn Ave., $207,000.

Stearns Boal LP to John Jason Lunn and Julie M. Lunn, 180 Pepperberry Lane, $118,000.

James T. Millican and Lauren K. Seiler a/k/a Lauren K. Millican to Jacob R. Werner and Scott K. Andrews, 424 Gerald St., $160,000.

J Monroe Associates LLC to Laura Marie Brown and Jerry G. Brown, 240 Wiltree Court, $332,700.

Lorna D. Borger and Lewis A. Borger to Harry K. Confer and Patricia B. Confer, 415 Summit Road, $278,000.

Richard H. Rider and Vicki J. Rider to John R. Mullen and Shelly Kay Mullen, 120 Meadowsweet Drive, $580,000.

Ferguson Township

Martha M. Frye a/k/a Martha Mitchell Frye Estate and Marsha Frye Hartman to Marsha Frye Hartman, Mary Frye D’Ambrosia, and Mardi Frye Dunklebarger, 3291 Shellers Bend, $1.

S&A Homes Inc., Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert by Attorney and WPSH Associates to Amit Mehta and Bhavna Mehta, 1341 Sconsett Way, $609,230.

Brian R. Hoffheins and Kelly R. Hoffheins to Brian R. Hoffheins Jr. and Kelly R. Hoffheins, 3097 Williamsburg Drive, $1.

Aaron L. Pincus and Kimberly S. Menard-Pincus f/k/a Kimberly S. Menard to Kimberly S. Menard-Pincus and Aaron L. Pincus, 2609 Tall Cedar Circle, $1.

Gregg Township

Taina R. Sweitzer to Todd E. Sweitzer, 455 Brush Mountain Road, $1.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Brian K. Ishler and Tina L. Ishler, 114 Cobblestone Court, $240,000.

Harris Township

Jaime J. Saona and Carolyn J. Saona to Andrew Stephen Yablonsky, 482 Sharer Road, $5,005.

Andrew Stephen Yablonsky to Andrew Stephen Yablonsky, 482 Sharer Road, $1.

Jaime J. Saona and Carolyn J. Saona to Jaime J. Saona and Carolyn J. Saona, property located on Sharer Road, $1.

Jaime J. Saona and Carolyn J. Saona to Jaime J. Saona and Carolyn J. Saona, 470 Sharer Road, $1.

Parkside Homes LLC to Betty Jean Olsen and Wesley A. Olsen Jr., 477 Homestead Lane, $329,900.

William W. Witmer III and Erin R. Witmer to Jeffrey N. Bragg and Elizabeth A. Bragg, 209 Circle Drive, $254,000.

Liberty Township

Flint R. Bubb and Tami E. Bubb to Marc A. Getty, 900 Whitetail Mountain Forest, $135,900.

Michelle Rippey and Robert McAndrew to Christian Centanni, 200 Bald Eagle Forest Road, $164,500.

Marion Township

John E. Glossner to Derek G. Hart, 4348 Jacksonville Road, $12,000.

Miles Township

Gale H. Machamer Estate, Eugene T. Miller, Rickey G. Bair and Gene D. Bair to Jamie L. Bierly, 167 W. Main St., $81,000.

Patton Township

Matthew J. Weldon and Natasha R. Volkers to Thomas N. Spencer and Caitlin L. Chun-Kennedy, 2007 Park Forest Ave., $247,700.

John M. Price and Diane L. Prince to Matthew J. Weldon and Natasha R. Volkers, 204 Echo Hollow Lane, $318,000.

Sally S. Mahan and Gerald D. Mahan to Toby C. Duveneck and Brittney Duveneck, 295 Montauk Circle, $635,000.

Susan B. Springer and Patrick S. Springer to Delours D. Doss, 1937 Fairwood Lane, $199,000.

Charles A. Irwin and Janet Irwin to Masser & Ballay Enterprises LP, 243 Bolton Ave., $355,000.

Gary M. Sager to Jeanmenne Properties LLC, 106 Ghaner Drive, $174,000.

Haubert Homes Inc to Randall Haubert and David Pecht, 117 Bolton Ave., $60,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Gloria J. Leonard to Jeffrey L. Emeigh Jr. and Ashley Emeigh, 508 E. Pine St., $99,900.

Potter Township

Andrew L. Conklin to Daniel B. Grupp, 124 Horseshoe Lane, $160,000.   

Rush Township

Magnum Broadcasting Inc. to Frederick T. Grauch and Grauch Enterprises, 1884 Port Matilda Highway, $40,000.

Robert T. Showers and Joan A. Showers to David B. Wildman and Renee D. Wildman, 501 Jesse St., $90,000.

Margaret Joanne Woods to Philip P. Blazosky and Barbara A. Blazosky, property located on Black Moshannon Road, $10,000.

Charles E. Mencer Jr. Estate and Jodi L. Ennis a/k/a Jodi L. Lowder to Robert Thomas Merryman, 539 Miller Road, $67,500.

Joseph C. Nale to Ryan M. Scaife, 599 Tyrone Pike, $130,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Patrick P. Stania to Melanie L. Stania, 352 Clarence Road, $1.

Spring Township

Brockerhoff Acquisition Group Inc to Justin W. Maddox and Anne C. Maddox, 171 Kathryn Drive, $267,000.

Joseph M. Powers a/k/a Joshua M. Powers and Shelby L. Wellar to Joseph M. Powers and Shelby L. Wellar, 146 Nittany St., $1.

Matthew E. Young and Courtenay M. Young to Matthew E. Young, 153 Clemens Lane, $1.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Barry E. Williams and Ronda L. Williams, 205 Jonathan Lane, $227,636.

Justine M. Wilkins Estate and Wanda K. Kern to Susan E. Smith, 122 Bigler Ave., $85,000.

Braden Alan Wickham and Marissa M. Wickham f/k/a Marissa Marie Bird to Michael D. Haslet and Wendy L. Haslet, 322 Wiltshire Drive, $285,000.  

State College Borough

Ali A. Farahani, Shahin M. Farahani, Mehri Mogharei and Mohammad Mogharei to HVV Properties LLC, 300 S. Pugh St., $395,000.

Legion Lane Enterprises LLC to Bryce Burkentine and Robert Milmoe, 120 Logan Ave., $294,760.

Union Township

Michael L. Shope Estate and Jean K. Miller to Jonathan M. Ayers and Erin D. Ayers, 742 Rattlesnake Pike, $1.

Walker Township

Jeffrey S. Woodward and Kimberly M. Woodward to Patrick G. Ames and Tammy J. Ames, 129 Turkey Hill Road, $199,000.

Steven J. Taylor and Sheri Taylor to Patti S. Johnson, Edwina M. Shoff, Thomas E. Johnson III, Wilmer Keel Johnson, Thomas L. Taylor, Alan D. Taylor and Jerry R. Taylor, 466 Pike Road, $1.

Abbe L. Gore to Patti S. Johnson, Edwina M. Shoff, Thomas E. Johnson III, Wilmer Keel Johnson, Thomas L. Taylor, Alan D. Taylor and Jerry R. Taylor, 466 Pike Road, $1.

Dennis L. McDowell and Janice A. McDowell to Danielle M. Henninger, 112 Sue St., $168,000.