Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 19 - Sept. 23, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 19, 2016, through Sept. 23, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Karen J. Harvey and Jeanne M. Nixon by Agent to Erin M. Schaeffer, 1220 Zion Road, $149,000.

Heather N. Antonuccio f/k/a Heather N. Davidson and Nicholas P. Antonuccio IV to Richard A. Deitrich Jr., 310 E. Burnside St., $79,000.

Benner Township

John L. Strouse and Florence W. Strouse to Charles F. Jabco and Beatrice J. Jabco, 528 Seibert Road, $248,000.

James R. Pryde to Regis J. Serinko Jr., 124 Cambridge Lane, $181,000.

Boggs Township

Samuel L. Ray and Elaine E. Ray by Attorney to Kendall E. Jabco, 799 S. Eagle Valley Road, $85,000.

Anne-Lise Deering, Eric M. Deering, and Mark R. Deering to Eric M. Deering, 316 Moose Run Road, $1.

College Township

Janet L. Donald Estate and Carole L. Donald to Jacquelyn S. Kunes, 1600 Puddintown Road, $195,000.

Adam L. Weaver and Nicole L. Weaver to Justin J. Raymond, 2367 Jalice Circle, $225,000.

Peter F. Manion and Karen A. Manion to Andrew Bergstein and Eldercare Solutions Inc., 305 Village Heights Drive, $125,000.

J. Monroe Associates LLC to Randall Weinstock and Melissa Weinstock, 250 Wiltree Court, $324,580.   

Ferguson Township

William R. Smeal and Arlene J. Surdick to William R. Smeal and Arlene J. Surdick, 2349 Harvest Ridge Drive, $1.

Kenneth J. Herwehe and Suellen G. Herwehe f/k/a Suellen M. Herwehe to Timothy T. Herd and Carol A. Herd, 1830 Red Lion Drive, $368,000.

Jeffrey Robert Tranell and Jennifer Kristen Tranell to Clayton W. Mattson and Rebecca A. Mattson, 3119 Sheffield Drive, $269,000.

S&A Custom Built Homes Inc. to Jordan A. Ford and Dara W. Ford, 2463 Saratoga Drive, $389,900.

Gerald J. Brown and Shirley P. Brown to Megan R. Brown, 1233 W. Gatesburg Road, $1.

David Abdelmalek and Lois Abdelmalek to Lois Abdelmalek, 3181 Shellers Bend, $1.

Gregg Township

Brandon McMonagle by Sheriff and Susan McMonagle by Sheriff to Keystone Central Homes LLC, 174 Rider Lane, $74,901.

Halfmoon Township

John M. Bonislawski Jr. and Jennifer L. Bonislawski to Jeffrey R. Tranell and Jennifer K. Tranell, 271 Saddle Ridge Road, $385,900.

Halfmoon Land Company LLC to Half Moon Acres LLC, 1183 Halfmoon Valley Road, $1.

Harris Township

Rupinder Kaur to Boris Napadensky, Sarah Napadensky and Natalia Napadensky, 129 Harris Ave., $273,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Charles E. Fuller and Kay G. Fuller, 107 Settlers Way, $340,830.86.

TOA PA IV LP to Frederick Polasky and Maureen A. Riley, 105 Settlers Way, $419,162.64.

Liberty Township

Bank of America to Nathaniel Glenn Smith, 115 Eagles Nest Road, $81,500.   

Patton Township

JWS Investments LLC to Lucais J. Mackay, 341 Douglas Drive, $250,000.

Wendy A. Pardee and Thomas E. Butterworth to Luis O. Duque and Margarita M. Lopez-Uribe, 112 Doubletree Place, $335,000.

Marjorie P. Yin and Alexander C. Yin to Living Spring Management LLC, 729 Oakwood Ave., $218,000.

S&A Homes Inc to Edward J. Ko and Felicia M. Ko, 1711 Woodledge Drive, $410,511.

WIN-SC LLC to CFT NC Developments LLC, 1870 N. Atherton St., $1,200,000.

John M. Lincoln and Katia A. Hristova to Katia A. Hristova, 2063 Mary Ellen Lane, $1.

Rebecca D. Chisholm to Karen N. Minnick, 327 Oakwood Ave., $141,000.

Paul A. Kremer and Gul E. Kremer to Maciej F. Boni, 430 Canterbury Drive, $400,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Castle 2016 LLC, 522 N. Ninth St., $21,650.

Allan J. Queen and Tara M. Queen f/k/a Tara M. Anderson to Meredith A. White, 1306 E. Pine St., $65,000.

Rush Township

Sue Savko to Sabrina R. Forr, 225 Walnut St., $70,000.

William E. Twoey and Nancy C. Twoey to William E. Twoey, Nancy C. Twoey, Andrea J. Tamarazio and Angela M. Coyne, property located on Loch Lomond Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Boyd Paul Estate, Betsey E. Howell and Barbara Daughenbaugh to George D. Brooks and Cathy S. Brooks, 103 W. Nectarine St., $25,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Philip C. Luckenbaugh by Attorney to Jacqueline C. Luckenbaugh, 210 Eleven Road, $1.

Spring Township

David Celento and Rebecca L. Henn to Martin Perna and Courtney Desire Morris, 268 S. Main St., $246,500.

Jack T. Lambert by Sheriff and Rose C. Lambert by Sheriff to Keystone Central Homes LLC, 113 Lee St., $15,301.

Barbara A. Kern to Leslie A. Horner, 946 Halfmoon St., $165,000.

Rani L. Poague to Michael Robert Dorfi and Karen Ann McCrea, 133 Forge Road, $140,000.

State College Borough

William L. Grenoble IV and Prudence J. Grenoble a/k/a Prudence Person Johnson to Bruce C. Duffield and Ellen M. Duffield, 620 Holmes St., $615,000.

Joel R. Malnick to Pugh St LP, 409 S. Pugh St., $865,000.

Charles B. Tabolsky to S. Yasmin Villuendas-Hendricks, Ronald E. Hendricks and Lyda Mary Hendricks, 517 E. Beaver Ave., $10.

Anthony C. Biviano and Garnett L. Biviano to Ronald E. Hampton and Deborah A. Hampton, 915 Bayberry Drive, $285,400.

Taylor Township

Jon M. Johnson to Adam Fenstermacher and Molly Molnar, 735 Fowler Hollow Road, $176,000.

Walker Township

Gregory S. Brown and Colleen Brown to David B. Perry and Pamela A. Perry, property located in Jefferson Circle, $55,900.

Robert C. Wise and Mary C. Wise to Aquillas J. Peachey and Sallie A. Peachey, property located on Rag Valley Road, $858,000.

Christopher W. Sanders to Philip W. Brumbaugh and Amanda P. Brumbaugh, property located on Zion Back Road, $5,000.

William Toner and Sharon Toner to Wayne R. Poust and Susan M. Poust, 148 Daisy Drive, $207,000.