Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 26 - Sept. 30, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 26, 2016, through Sept. 30, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Philip T. Forte, Kyle Diane Sutton-Forte, and Philip T. Forte III to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 1227 Fox Meadow Circle, $370,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Matthew D. Davidson and Terrah Lee Davidson, 1227 Fox Meadow Circle, $370,000.

Kelly L. Tumbleson n/k/a Kelly L. Lahr to Megan L. Emanuelson, $175,000.

Terry E. Witmer Estate and William M. Lutz to Randall W. Holderman and Terri M. Holderman, 302 S. Allegheny St., $60,000.

Joann L. Knupp and Richard W. Knupp Sr. to Matthew J. Taylor and Beckie Lea G. Vangorder, 426 E. Loagn St., $235,000.

Benner Township

Gregory P. Jeffries and Jessica L. Cowan n/k/a Jessica C. Jeffries to Matthew A. Freeman and Meredith J. Freeman, 174 Aster Ave., $329,900.

Kelly E. Reese and Brandon A. Reese to Kerry D. Viehdofer and Myranda M. Walker, 823 Valley View Road, $145,900.

Creekside Partners LLC to Berks Homes LLC, 127 Barrington Lane, $183,600.

Steven H. Buck and Harleah G. Buck to Phillip J. Manning and Heather M. Manning, 153 Teasel Way, $324,900.

Neal F. Proctor and Debra J. Proctor to David Harry Stevenson and Sheila Mae Stevenson, 1648 Purdue Mountain Road, $195,000.

Parkside Homes LLC to Brinton A. Mingle and Brittany A. Mingle, 257 Aster Ave., $321,289.

Parkside Homes LLC to John P. Grimes and Debra A. Grimes, 220 Aster Ave., $314,982.   

Boggs Township

Margaret A. Swancer to Margaret A. Swancer and Elaine M. Swancer, 418 Old 220 Road, $1.

College Township

Stearns Boal LP to Gem Homebuilders Inc, 135 Pepperberry Lane, $116,700.

Mary Margaret Boscaino Estate, James A. Gatto, and Sylvia J. Reed n/k/a Sylvia J. Gatto to William J. Reviello, Venice M. Reviello, James F. Serino, and Catherine T. Serino, 102 Birchtree Court, $167,000.

Stearns Boal LP to College Township, 1481 E. College Ave., $1.

Stearns Boal LP to College Township, 1481 E. College Ave., $1.

Hrach Kervandjian and Adele Kervandjian to Peter Lloyd and Mary N. Lloyd, 222 Haymaker Circle, $577,500.

RW Bird Sr Co-Irta FBO Etal, Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co. and Roger Bird to Eloise B. Kyper, 3345 E. College Ave., $225,000.

Anne Beattie-Moss Estate and Ralph W. Moss to Ralph W. Moss and Martha Moss, 107 Spencer Lane, $1.

Manoush Sahakian a/k/a Manush Sahakian to Manoush Sahakian and Rafigh Danili Sahakian, 128 Limerock Terrace, $1.

Ferguson Township

Alejandrina P. Jourdain to Todd J. Hawbaker, 3112 Shellers Bend, $295,000.

Ronald C. Tomashefski and Eva S. Tomashefski to Barbara H. Armen Revocable Trust and Barbara H. Armen, 3222 Shellers Bend, $373,450.

S&A Homes Inc., Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, and Johnson Farm Associates to Tao Liu and Lingting Zhao, 301 Hawknest Road, $304,191.

Nancy H. Faris to Christopher M. Faris, 235 Conover Lane, $1.

David W. Hanson and Ruth F. Hanson to Robert M. Wild Jr. and Pamela R. Wild, 628 Devonshire Drive, $267,000.

W. Bruce Parkhill and W. Bruce Parkhill and Arlene Parkhill, 3221 Shellers Bend, $1.

William H. Squire, Lisa B. Squire and Kelsey M. Squire to Willaim H. Squire and Lisa B. Squire, 1114 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Ross W. Hopple and Janette M. Hopple to Christopher Wheeler and Tracy Walker, 132 Gala Drive, $217,500.

David O. Leavitt and Chelom Leavitt to Charles D. Fuller and Maria Fuller, 2625 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $660,000.

Charles D. Fuller Jr and Pamela J. Fuller to Jennifer R. Emigh, 149 W. Aaron Drive, $255,000.

Leonard F. Kowalski and Denise M. Kowalski to Anne F. Klinikowski, 1957 Harvest Circle, $160,000.

Philip J. Carlin Estate and Neal C. Carlin to Kurt R. Gesell, 757 Devonshire Drive, $170,000.

Gregg Township

Kevin R. Miller and Vicky E. Miller to ZBD10 LLC, 206 Reeder Road, $252,500.

Vince M. Smith and Beth A. Smith to David M. Taynor and Pamela S. Taynor, 712 Upper Georges Valley Road, $225,000.

Haines Township

Donald F. Heggenstaller Jr. and Donnis J. Heggenstaller to Andrew J. Peffer, 115 E. Aaron Square, $225,000.

Halfmoon Township

Robert Maier Todd, Sarah Marie Todd, Nancy A. Maier and Richard F. Todd Jr. to Robert Maier Todd and Sarah Marie Todd, 260 Ira Lane, $1.

Jack N. Gray and Mabel Faye a/k/a Faye M. Gray to Deborah Ann Weaver, Jack N. Gray Jr. and Joel Edward Gray, 2951 Halfmoon Valley Road, $1.

William D. Knisely and Becky Renee Trate to Kyle D. Trate and Megan R. Trate, 264 Apex Drive, $150,000.

Harris Township

Margaret R. Boal and Allen L. Boal to Margaret R. Boal, 1013 Kathryn St., $1.

Rittenhouse Real Estate Ventures Inc. to Christopher J. Henry and Crystal D. Henry, 1708 Shingletown Road, $95,000.

Liberty Township

Arthur P. Staddon and Marcia Robb Staddon to Eric Robb, 351 N. Beach St., $1.

Arthur P. Staddon and Marcia Robb Staddon to Arthur P. Staddon and Marcia Robb Staddon, 351 N. Beach St., $1.

Miles Township

Aaron B. Cornman and Lisa R. Cornman to Stephen L. Lapp and Sadie E. Lapp, 6801 Brush Valley Road, $457,500.

Florence M. Vonada Estate, Kathy J. McKinney and Mark L. McKinney to Kathy J. McKinney and Mark L. McKinney, 158 W. Main St., $1.

Millheim Borough

Julie K. Fetterolf to Edward J. Wernert, 248 E. Main St., $118,900.

Beneficial Consumer Discount Co. to David R. Gummo, 168 North St, $40,700.

Patton Township

Curtis J. Omiecinski to Curtis J. Omiecinski and Elizabeth M. Laurenzana, 179 Montauk Circle, $1.

Louise P. Bitler by Agent to James E. Savage and Lori A. Savage, 006 N. Oak Lane, $168,300.

Isaac D. Gerg to Isaac D. Gerg and Ryanne Nicole Anderson, 120 Forest Glen Circle, $1.

Paul M. Anderson and Deborah A. Anderson to Anthony C. Biviano and Garnett L. Biviano, 133 Bolton Ave., $329,900.

Michale J. Brennen and Sara P. Brennen to Michael S. Monko and Amy R. Monko, 112 Clemson Court, $239,900.

Tessy Mary John and Bobby Abraham to Michael J. Brennen and Sara P. Brennen, 129 Clemson Court, $275,000.  

Rush Township

William G. Socie to Christopher A. McGarvey, 214 Hickory Drive, $2,500.

Snow Shoe Borough

Matthew P. Vozniak and Kara A. Vozniak to Ashton M. Farrell and Ryan A. Tressler, 314 W. Olive St., $20,000.

Boyd E. Paul Estate, Betsey E. Howell and Barbara Daughenbaugh to Thomas M. Kotzur and Jennifer C. Nastase, property located on Thomas Street, $10,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Scott A. Fye and Billie Jo Fye to Scott A. Fye, 756 Spruce Road, $1.

Spring Township

John Pennino Estate, Lester Pennino and Marie A. Schechter to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 1326 Zion Road, $1.

Robert Anderson to Benjamin Shindy, 255 Lower Coleville Road, $5,000.

Joseph M. Powers. Shelby L. Wellar and Joshua M. Powers to Joseph M. Powers and Shelby L. Powers, 146 Nittany St., $1.

Robert E. Resides II and Jessica Resides to Nicole C. Farrington and Clayton J. Quinn, 306 Greens Valley Road, $168,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Chad W. Morrison and Debra E. Morrison, 154 Shady Hollow Drive, $272,612.

Plus Point Partners to Crossman Enterprises LLC, 1337 Axemann Road, $23,000.

David H. Stevenson and Sheila M. Stevenson to Centre County, 512 Valentine St., $139,900.

Mary C. McMurtrie to Mitchell Andjeski, 264 Lower Coleville Road, $130,000.

Garrett A. Beaver and Heather E. Krug n/k/a Heather E. Beaver to Garrett A. Beaver and Heather E. Beaver, 465 S. Main St., $1.

Nathan P. Culmer and Rachel C. Culmer to Mark A. London and Sherry L. London, 133 Rosehill Drive, $275,000.

Devron J. Vongunden and Jennifer Vongunden to Nichaolas P. Stumpf, 154 Rosehill Drive, $294,900.

Crossman Enterprises LLC to Adam James and Melissa A. James, 1337 Axemann Road, $139,000.

State College Borough

Micah R. Shepherd to Micah R. Shepherd and Rachel Johnson Shepherd, 1207 S. Allen St., $1.

Lynn L. Straub, Valen T. Straub, Jeremy M. Straub and Lindsey M. Straub to Sean T. Devlin and Naila Basa, 726 Glenn Road, $299,000.

David Faulds and Kimberly Ann Faulds to Gregory R. Kunes and Patricia M. R. Junes, 131 S. Sparks St., $600,000.

Betty Jane Smith By Attorney to Brookside Property Holdings LLC, 131 E. Whitehall Road, $135,000.

Rafigh Danili Sahakian to Rafigh Danili Sahakian and Manoush Sahakian, 403 S. Allen St., $1.

Joseph W. Chester, Karen Chester, Bryan E. Chester, and Shannon Chester to Christopher Keith Pullen and Aaron Michael Pullen, 127 S. Gill St., $400,000.

Taylor Township

Sherri Bendick a/k/a Sheri Bendick, David Bendick, Joshua McCleester, Emma Mae Troutman f/k/a Emma McCleester and Nathan Allen Troutman to Emma Mae Troutman and Nathan Allen Troutman, 510 Hannah Hill Lane, $1.

Barbara J. Snider and Carl Allen Beckwith to Carl Allen Beckwith, 10745 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Union Township

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David H. Fischer, 725 Rattlesnake Pike, $145,900.

Walker Township

Diana D. Coder to Brandon Allen Reese and Kelly Erin Reese, 1110 Blue Spruce Drive, $205,000.

Abramson Family Limited Partnership to Daniel S. King and Ella S. King, 3149 Nittany Valley Drive, $222,300.

Ronald L. White, Krista H. White and Rhnae White to Robert L. Cain, Lisa K. Cain and Megan Cain, property located on Trophy Way, $1.

Robert L. Cain, Lisa K. Cain and Megan Cain to Ronald L. White, Krista H. White and Rhnae White, 112 Trophy Way, $1.

Robert L. Cain, Lisa K. Cain and Megan Cain to Robert L. Cain, Lisa K. Cain and Megan Cain, property located on Trophy Way, $1.

Ronald L. White, Krista H. White and Rhnae White to Ronald L. White and Krista H. White, 112 Trophy Way, $1.

Ronald L. White, Krista H. White and Rhnae White to Rhnae White, property located on Zion Back Road, $1.

Walter S. Gearhart & Jane L. Gearhart Irrevocable Trust, Michael L. Gearhart and Brian S. Gearhart to Eric L. Brooks, 1606 Greens Valley Road, $219,900.