Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 24 - Oct. 28, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Oct. 24, 2016, through Oct. 28, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Philip E. Ishler and Maxine O. Ishler to Heather M. Michael, 935 E. High St., $140,500.

George Basalla to Harrison S. King and Jenna A. Doksa, 1190 Centre St., $175,000.

Scott D. Padmonsky and Monica T. Padmonsky f/k/a Monica T. Hancock to Joshua R. Wirtz and Bailee M. Vaughn, 118 W. Logan St., $119,500.

Benner Township

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Jane R. Koppen, 209 Fawn Valley Road, $222,698.

Boggs Township

Lester P. Lucas and Betty Jane Lucas to Alyshia Dann, 159 Sunset Acres, $165,000.

Burnside Township

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Loran K. Foresman, 496 Pine Glen Road, $36,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Oram I. Ahmed and Carol J. Ahmed to Jenna A. Houts and Sean M. Houts, 130 Manor Road, $210,000.

Herman Bierens to Matthew A. Myers and Jenna E. Garzoni Myers, 121 W. Church St., $173,900.

College Township

Cheryl L. Pataky to Michale R. Baron and Pamela A. Baron, 332 Glengarry Lane, $422,500.

Grace L. Baker to MBSC Properties LLC, 171 Old Houserville Road, $97,000.

Kathryn Putt n/k/a Kathryn M. Croyle to Kathryn M. Croyle and Jay E. Croyle, 100 Elm Shade Drive, $1.

Gerald E. Rogers and Loretta M. Rogers to Gerald E. Rogers, Loretta M. Rogers, Terry L. Rogers, and Kimberly A. Packer, property located on Shiloh Road, $1.

Richard B. Roberts and Gayle R. Roberts to Angel H. Hernandez and Bevin A. Hernandez, 1112 Cartland Drive, $265,000.

Marcon And Wild Real Estate to 2540 Clyde Avenue LP, 2544 Clyde Ave., $320,000.

Ferguson Township

Richard C. Henry and Jennifer R. Henry n/k/a Jennifer R. Henry-Dashem to Jennifer R. Henry-Dashem and Matthew K. Dashem, 606 Berkshire Drive, $1.

Evelyn F. Gerace to Jessica Kline Bruce and James Ryan Bruce, 2284 Fairfield Circle, $275,000.

Philip J. Morris and Brenda M. Morris to Jon J. Peters, 470 Hawknest Road, $300,000.

Joseph D. Dionisio and Lois A. Dionisio to Joseph D. Dionisio and Lois A. Dionisio, 3730 W. College Ave., $1.

Vishnu Kalidindi Raju, Kalindindi Anuradha Raju and Aditya Kalidindi Vissam to Sima Farage Gandur, 826 W. Aaron Drive, $227,000.

Mark T. Wharton and Angela R. Wharton to V. Krishnan Nair, 109 Meadowhawk Lane, $342,500.

Mei-Hsuan Wu to Lisheng Gao, 157 Gala Drive, $210,000.

Kristen C. Wegielewski f/k/a Kristen C. Robinson and James M. Wegielewski to Jennifer M. Crispell and Loren N. Crispell III, 2431 Park Center Blvd., $269,900.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to James K. Orr and Margaret M. Orr, 205 Plymouth Circle, $301,645.42.

KBBH Partnership to Aaron Tressler, 217 Kestrel Lane, $244,527.

TOA PA IV Lp to Thomas A. McClary, 201 Plymouth Circle, $385,509.28.

Haas 32 Family Trust and Jeffrey C. Haas to Mark T. Wharton and Angela R. Wharton, 117 Derek Drive, $440,000.

KBBH Partnership to Richard A. Yborra and Joan M. Yborra, 215 Kestrel Lane, $239,544.

Huston Township

Fred M. Henry a/k/a Frederick M. Henry and Kathryn S. Henry to Fred M. Henry and Kathryn S. Henry, property located on South Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Fred M. Henry and Kathryn S. Henry to Fred M. Henry and Kathryn S. Henry, 6970 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Fred M. Henry a/k/a Frederick M. Henry and Kathryn S. Henry to Fred M. Henry and Kathryn S. Henry, 6828 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Trevor W. Meyer and Marilyn R. Meyer to Carol L. Bittner, 116 Beaver Road, $165,000.

Liberty Township

Sylvia R. Nyman Estate and Gail Miller to Jason E. Neidig and Jodi L. Neidig, 551 Upper Polecat Road, $215,000.

Miles Township

A.Clair Sheats to Karen L. Montoya, 466 Smullton Road, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Drenda L. Cain and Benjamin F. Cain to Tawnia K. Norris, 102 Railroad St., $1.

Daniel W. Praskovich and Anne M. Praskovich to John M. Jackson, 105 Turnpike St., $125,000.

Steve R. Ouellette to Ocwen Loan Serviing LLC, 304 Third St., $225,000.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 304 Third St., $10.

Patton Township

Harry F. Deutsch and Lynda L. Deutsch to Carl T. Berquist and Roberta G. Berquist, 144 Honors Lane, $321,000.

James T. Furry to Amy M. Hancock, 142B Alma Mater Court, $227,500.

Sharon L. Beaver to Sharon L. Beaver revocable Trust and Sharon L. Beaver, 131C Alma Mater Court, $1.

Leyden Holdings LLC to Cynthia Nixon Hudson, 326 Amblewood Way, $1.

Pawinee Janyakham and Brian J. McKinley to Hawbaker-Brower Limited Partnership, 3050 Carnegie Drive, $325,000.

Cynthia Nixon Hudson a/k/a Cynthia Nixon-Hudson to Evan Hudson and Andrea Hudson, 326 Amblewood Way, $1.

Thomas J. Sawarynski Sr and Janet V. Sawarynski to Nicole M. Diorio and Dante L. Diorio, 200 Brothers Court, $515,000.

Rana M. Arnold to Rana McMurray Arnold Trust, Rana M. Arnold and Susan G. McKean, 18 Wilts Lane, $1.

Jaime L. Veeder and David P. Veeder to Sandra Duverneull, 442 Douglas Drive, $226,500.

Carol L. Bittner to Andrei Chernyshev and Veronika Chernyshev, 535 Brittany Drive, $220,000.

Wooded Hills to Michael S. Renz and Jennifer R. Getgen, 137 Scarlet Oak Circle, $398,000.

Penn Township

Brandon C. Smith and Sarah E. Smith to Martin Scott Schwab and Erica Lynn Schwab, property located on Orndorf Road, $75,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Country Living Home Builder Inc. to Stephen A. King, 102 W. Presqueisle St., $6,000.

Natalie K. Confer n/k/a Natalie K. Confer-Immel and David E. Immel to Kyle Pelton and Tailor Wilkinson, 424 E. Spruce St., $93,000.

Robert A. Smith Sr and Carol J. Smith to Robert A. Smith Sr., Carol J. Smith, and Robert A. Smith Jr., 516 N. 10th St., $1.

Potter Township

Jeffrey R. Frazier and Helen L. Frazier by Agent to Caden T. Steel, 113 Cottontail Lane, $247,500.

Stephen R. Gilmore and Karen E. Gilmore to Charles Q. Kreger and Deborah F. Battaglia, 125 October Lane, $420,000.

Rush Township

Robert Thomas Merryman to Randolph J. Bocka and Lisa M. Bock, 539 Miller Road, $1.

James D. Lavely, Gary L. Lavely Sr and Brian K. Lavely Sr. to Nicholas A. Murarik and Nadine Y. Miscavish, 2670 Black Moshannon Road, $18,500.

Pasquale Romanao Jr a/k/a Pasquale Romano a/k/a Pasquale V. Romano a/k/a Pasquale V. Romano Jr. and William Woerner to Amie Russell, 278 Moshannon St., $77,300.

Catherine H. Unick a//k/a Catherine Heeman Unick a/k/a Catherine E. Unick by Agent to Jeffrey L. Unick, 185 Birch St., $1.

Anna Mae Kosky to Cathryn Ann Kosky, property located on State Street, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Walter D. Prebosky a/k/a Walter David Prebosky Estate, Melinda Ishler, and Melody Kitchen to Charles R. Gheen Jr. and Jodi K. Gheen, 674 Scotchtown Road, $45,000.

Spring Township

Bill D. Tibbens Sr. a/k/a Billie Don Tibbens Estate and Daniel L. Tibbens Sr. to Allen L. Boal, 127 Oak St., $128,000.

Chad E. Moore and Jennifer L. Moore to Dillon Watkins, 121 Stover Road, $170,000.

Victor F. Lutz a/k/a Victor Franklin Lutz, Ira L. Lutz a/k/a Ira Larue Lutz, and Wayne K. Lutz a/k/a Wayne Korman Lutz to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, property located on Lutz Road, $1.

Matthew J. Jennings and Sarah J. Jennings to Christopher Rob Kulick, 208 Gwenedd Lane, $234,500.

State College Borough

Susan T. Sanders and Pillip Miller Spangler to Melinda Ann Davis and Howard Christopher Davis, 511 Clarence Ave., $388,000.

Edward H. Klevans and Deborah R. Klevans to Claudia B. Hume, 103 W. Marylyn Ave., $350,000.

Daniel B. Grupp to John S. Wilson and Katherin Bell Wilson, 293 Homan Ave., $270,000.

Walker Township

Richard B. Leathers and Barbara L. Leathers to National Residential Nominee Services, 189 Walizer Road, $265,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Amanda Briggs and Steven Powers, 189 Walizer Road, $265,000.

Michael D. Haslet and Wendy L. Haslet to Chad E. Moore and Jennifer L. Moore, 1200 Blue Spruce Drive, $193,500.