Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 17 - Oct. 21, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Oct. 17, 2016, through Oct. 21, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Frances S. Ginter Estate and Robert C. Ginter by Agent to Richard O. Lowery, 877 Seibert Road, $161,000.

Martin S. Schwab and Erica L. Schwab to Blair M. Free and Vicky L. Free, 211 Buffalo Run Road, $298,000.

Berks Homes LLC to Christopher A. Grubb and Wennuan Jiang, 113 Barrington Lane, $178,803.

Boggs Township

Terry E. Witmer Estate and William M. Lutz to Todd R. Fisher, Temmy L. Fisher, and Brock R. Fisher, 604 Market St., $60,000.

Lance L. Miller to Mark S. Davis and Brenda L. Davis, 247 Circle Road, $1.

Ryan K. Fitzgerald and Sarah L. Sharer to Ryan K. Fitzgerald, 109 Bomboy Road, $1.

College Township

Ludivina Montero to Ludivina Montero Irrevocable Trust, Richard Kiraly, and Carmen Kiraly, 148 Kuhns Lane, $1.

William C. Miller and Emily M. Miller to John B. Smeltzer amd Susan M. Smeltzer, 188 Birchtree Court, $180,000.

George J. McMurtry Jr. and Laura Marie Mosier to George J. McMurtry Jr. and Laura Marie Mosier, 200 Oakwood Ave., $1.

Christopher C. Freisheim and Deborah A. Freisheim to Raymond C. Freisheim, Deborah A. Freisheim, and Christopher C. Freisheim, 206 Wiltree Court, $1.

David G. Yeckley and Breanna J. Radin-Yeckley to Gabrielle M. Gilbeau, 2516 Buchenhorst Road, $202,000.

Justin Ondik and Jaclyn D. Ondik to William C. Miller and Emily M. Miller, 249 First Ave., $239,000.

Pennsylvania State University and GLP 331 IP LLP to College Township, 1481 E. College Ave., $1.

Kevin G. Ermol and Allison B. Ermol to Troy S. Taylor and Amanda M. Page, 1017 Houserville Road, $239,900.

Raymond F. Agostinelli and Rose M. Agostinelli to Damian B. Mochan and Julie A. Mochan, 1011 Greenbriar Drive, $725,000.

Ferguson Township

John Elbridge Passaneau Estate and Carmine Prestia to Travis M. Peters and Karina M. Peters, 2231 W. Whitehall Road, $243,500.

Gar Ping Hong to Jianhua Zhang and Xingxia Duan, 551 Hawknest Road, $266,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Patrick D. Laninger and Alison M. Laninger, 360 Selders Circle, $160,000.

Jonathan R. Hoerr a/k/a Jonathan Robert Hoerr to Jonathan Robert Hoerr, 18 Nittany View Circle, $1.

Harold Harpster and Larry Harpster to Harold Harpster, Dawn Harpster, Larry Harpster, Suzanne Harpster, 3251 W. Pine Grove Road, $1.

M. Carol Wilson to Jaymeson P. Rowles, 2068 Chelsea Lane, $180,000.

Mitchell Hunter and Kelsey M. Quigley f/k/a Kelsey Hunter to Mitchell Hunter, 1351 N. Allen St., $1.

Donald P. Rosenbaum and Teresa A. Rosenbaum to Lonny Hardison and Ashley Hardison, 317 Ravendale Road, $186,000.

Gregg Township

Patricia E. Catherman to Kimberly Ann Coyler, 130 Ross Hill Road, $1.

C Wayne CO. LP to Joel C. Myers, property located on S Sinking Creek Road, $9,780.

Joel C. Myers to Joel C. Myers, property located on S Sinking Creek Road, $1.

C Wayne CO LP to C Wayne CO LP, property located on Sinking Creek Road, $1.

C Wayne CO LP to C Wayne CO LP, property located on Sinking Creek Road, $1.

Haines Township

William W. Witmer to Kenneth R. Britton, 113 Parson Lane, $199,500.

Betty L. Price to Erik M. Winter, 121 Sawmill Drive, $159,000.

Harris Township

KBBH Partnership to Denise Mary Ann Casciato and Michael G. Casciato, 209 Kestrel Lane, $256,432.

KBBH Partnership to Riccardo O. Iacchetti and Robert M. Criste, 211 Kestrel Lane, $221,764.

KBBH Partnership to Suzanne Q. Stidsen, 213 Kestrel Lane, $224,560.

Damian B. Mochan and Julie A. Mochan to David K. Hamilton and Kelly L. Knapp, 1032 Kathryn St., $337,500.

GTW Associates to Kirk Edward Larter and Sandra Marie Larter, 87 Emma Court, $79,500.

GTW Associates to Christine C. Bannon, 411 Homestead Lane, $290,000.

Huston Township

Theodore Langham Jr and Patricia Stere Langham to Theodore Langham III, 281 Whetstone Run, $1.

Liberty Township

Kenneth G. Shady and Peggy Shady a/k/a Peggy Shade to Shane M. Shady and Brett C. Shady, 11093 N. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Shane M. Shady, Brett C. Shady, Sandra A. Shady, and Maxine L. Shady to Kenneth G. Shady and Peggy Shady, 11093 N. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Brian K. Gipe and Tara L. Gipe a/k/a Tara K. Gipe to Zebulon McNichol and Renee McNichol, 220 Whitehall Mountain Road, $115,000.

Marion Township

Lion Country Builder Inc to Lee W. Ripka, 194 Farmdale Road, $268,000.

Miles Township

Quill A. Byler, Esther A. Byler, David M. Byler and Gideon M. Byler to Quill A. Byler and Esther A. Byler, 5006 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Patton Township

Charles S. Clegg and Carri A. Clegg to Joshua M. Pake and Joanna K. Pake, 5635 W. Buffalo Run Road, $182,500.

Jonathan H. Miller to Evan Hudson and Andrea Hudson, 137 Whisper Ridge Drive, $233,000.

Douglas S. Pysher and Susan L. Wagner a/k/a Susan L. Pysher to Carol Ann Sullivan, 541 Lanceshire Lane, $247,000.

Penn Township

Beryle Palmatier to Robert J. Schulman, 1029 Penns Creek Road, $159,500.

Philipsburg Borough

Castle 2016 LLC to Charles D. Gross Jr. and Pamela I. Gross, 522 N. Ninth St., $37,900.

Rush Township

US Bank to Josiah T. Harper, 499 S. Centre St., $33,500.

Frances M. Kasubick to David E. Immel and Natalie K. Confer-Immel, 235 Smith St., $175,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

Betty A. Hockenbury to Ashley Rauch, 404 Sixth Street Ext, $127,800.

Spring Township

Colleen H. Shuey a/k/a Colleen H. Barton a/k/a Colleen Shuey by Sheriff to FV-1, 226 Upper Coleville Road, $50,000.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to John Edwin Laird and Danielle Marie Laird, 219 Jonathan Lane, $230,116.

David A. Hipple and Amy F. Hipple to David A. Hipple and Amy F. Hipple, 214 Irish Hollow Road, $1.

Matthew W. Yarnell and Scott A. Collins to David S. Kautz and Julie A. Kautz, 112 Grant Circle, $271,000.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Benjamin David Vanouse and Morgan Brittany Vanouse, 199 Jonathan Lane, $299,900.

State College Borough

Frances Marilyn Hornyak a/k/a Frances M. Hornyak Estate and John Mark Hornyak to DBM717 LLC, 717 Edgewood St., $274,000.

Manus Gallagher to Hideaway Partners 909 LLC, 909 Walnut St., $1.

Steven N. Harp and Jennifer S. Harp to George Banashefski and Wanda B. Devlin, 512 W. Foster Ave., $330,000.

Travers Residuary Trust, Susan T. Geering, and David A. Baker to Luidgi A. Faubert, 458 E College Ave, $205,000.

Taylor Township

Betty J. Solt a/k/a Betty Jane Solt Estate and Thomas V. Reddington III to Danielle L. Henninger, 127 E Hannah Lane, $138,000.

Anthony W. Marrara to Anthony W. Marrara, 2797 S. Mountain Road, $1.

Walker Township

E. Jane Clevenstine to Gary G. Wilt II, property located on Nittany Valley Drive, $39,900.

Matthew Jacob Rogers and Erin Marie Rogers to Shannon C. Rados, 131 Franklin St., $263,500.