Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 31 - Nov. 4, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from October 31, 2016, through November 4, 2016 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Syed K. Hussain to Joginder S. Grewal and Karamjeet Grewal, 601 E Bishop St, $120,000.

I-Regen LLC to Rellim Real Estate LLC, 231 N Thomas St, $75,000.

Timothy P. Glunt and Kerri S. Glunt to EFLU LLC, 102 E Bishop St, $165,000.

Jason E. Huff to Anne L. Panciera and Michael T. Panciera, 1002 E High St, $192,000.

Benner Township

David R. Lemons and Diane K. Lemons to Nicholas Raia, 210 Chicory Ave, $325,000.

Grove Park Associates Inc to Parkside Homes LLC, 144 Aster Ave, $44,562.

Boggs Township

Lois H. Miller to Nathan E. Etters, 1124 Little Marsh Creek Rd, $110,000.

College Township

Earl W. Kelley Jr to Pilar Beltran, 116 Shady Dr, $176,726.

Jill M. Thomas f/k/a Jill Marie Prebich to Jill M. Thomas and Nathaniel R. Thomas, 208 Rainlo St, $1.

Mayra Y. Bamaca and Tamboura Colbert to H. Wesley Reitz and Carol F. Reitz, 2440 Heather Circle, $217,000.

Andreas E. Solbakken and Jennifer L. Sieg n/k/a Jennifer S. Solbakken to Andreas E. Solbakken and Jennifer S. Solbakken, 201 Wildot Dr, $1.

Nalini Vedam Estate, Saraswathi Vedam, and Jeffrey W. Miller to Evan M. Fredo and Jenny L. Knecht, 122 Harris Dr, $278,000.

Chrles W. Smitley to Eric Kelmenson and Edward Kelmenson, 1916 E Branch Rd, $130,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Brett T. Thelen and Kristin L. Thelen, 145 Pepperberry Ln, $115,000.

Wirsching Trust, Steven M. Wirsching, and Lisa A. Wirsching to Mary Ellen Fisher and Donald M. Fisher, 2609 Denbrook Ln, $180,000.

Anthony R. Beck and Jenna E. Beck f/k/a Jenna E. Serafin to Anthony R. Beck and Jenna E. Beck, 2453 Buchenhorst Rd, $1.

Sharon D.Dougherty to Matthew E. Dougherty, 161 Spring St, $1.

Curtin Township

Linda Bilger to William B. Shaw, 328 Buckridge Rd, $60,000.

Ferguson Township

Johnson Farm Associates, Thomas F. Songer, and S&A Homes Inc to Daniel H. Cortes-Correales and Nohemy Y. Galindez-Carlosama, 290 Hawknest Rd, $327,652.

Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert by Attorney, WPSH Associates, and S&A Homes Inc to Runze Li and Yan Fang, 1351 Sconsett Way, $661,636.

Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert by Attorney, WPSH Associates, and S&A Homes Inc to Steven Raymond Rice and Caroline Anne Rice, 1391 Sconsett Way, $673,637.

Edward L. Hughes and Maria E. Hughes to Edward L. Hughes, 101 Lois Ln, $1.

Kurtis S. Aurandt a/k/a Kurtis A. Aurandt and Lesie M. Aurandt to Kurtis S. Aurandt, 101 Ramblewood Rd, $1.

Mark A. Kunkle and Sandra J. Kunkle to Mayra Y. Bamaca, 2256 Bristol Ave, $303,450.

Laura Marie Jester by Agent to Erik Orient and Megan Ann Orient, 1526 Cromer Dr, $190,000.

Charles K. Bingham Estate, Mary L. Bingham, and Carolyn B. Kello to Mark Batdorf and Heidi A. Arruda, 1619 N Allen St, $248,000.

Juana C. Djelal and Djelal Kadir to Brian M. Lennon and Nergis Erturk Lennon, 2446 Hickory Hill Dr, $525,000.

Gregg Township

Steven P. Rossman and Kimberly J. Rossman to Steven P. Rossman, 110 Blue Ball Rd, $1.

Haines Township

Mark Batdorf and Heidi A. Arruda to Sarah E. Depasquale and Ann T. Docken, 148 Fiedler Rd, $179,000.

Halfmoon Township

Elizabeth G. Warner and Robert Warner to Elizabeth G. Warner, 110 Ira Ln, $1.

S&A Homes Inc to Michael D. Oknefski and Jessica A. Oknefski, 83 Stable View Dr, $445,170.

John R. Clayton and Lori Clayton to Austin C. Kirt, 2455 Halfmoon Valley Rd, $187,900.

Harris Township

Marie Ann weaver a/k/a Marie Ann Bartley to Marie Ann Bartley, 830 Outer Dr, $1.

Brent D. Martin and Alison R. Martin to Alison R. Martin, 136 Belle Ave, $1.

M. Rebecca Oelbermann to M. Rebecca Oelbermann Revocable Trust and Carol M. Wood, property located on Boal Ave, $1.

Liberty Township

Christiana Trust to Jerry L. Emerick, 188 Main St, $28,500.

Miles Township

Mary L. Wolfe to Norman J. Zook and Sarah L. Zook, 197 Smullton Rd, $86,500.

Lori P. Moncrief a/k/a Lori J. Moncrief to Lori P. Moncrief, 184 W Main St, $1.

Millheim Borough

Secretary of Housig & Urban Development to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 123 Penn St, $1.

Patton Township

Mary Ellen Weaver Estate and Barbara Weaver Frantz to Thomas C. Wareham, 1817 Lauck St, $75,000.

William Fitzgerald and Paulette Fitzgerald to James E. Early and Sandra Cordeiro Early, 106 Pickwick Ave, $235,000.

Phoenix International Investments LP to Grace Connections Properties LLC, 523 Marjorie Mae St, $155,000

Dorothy L. Flood f/k/a Dorothy L. Jodon to Adam Tiegs Poole and Jeet M. Sausen, 1958 Weaver St, $350,000.

Dennis P. Maguire Jr to Samuel Frederick, 610 Devonshire Dr, $325,000.

Robert D. Hunter and Patti Jo Hunter to Keith H. Elkin and Carrie R. Rosengart, 121 Rhapsody Dr, $445,000.

Phoenix International Investments LP to Living Water Management LLC, 543 Marjorie Mae St, $153,000.

Ryan Allman and Christina H. Allman to Wendell Lee Bishop II and Hannah R. Bishop, 218 Oakley Dr, $215,000.

Penn Township

Susan Shirey to Asa J. Myers and Rebecca C. Bragg, 494 Main St, $137,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Edward J. Cipollini and Ethel Cipollini to Ankit G. Patel and Ankitkumar N. Brahmbhatt, 414 E Pine St, $45,000.

Kay C. Pritchard to Erin L. Campomizzi, 226 Water St, $69,000.

Potter Township

Raymond H. Young Jr to Kevin Weaver, 301 Main Rd, $149,000.

Alyce R. Morgan to Nathan A. Wessel and Ashlee M. Wessel, 1819 Upper Brush Valley Rd, $620,000.

Norman T. Fedon and Pamela Jean Fedon to Richard C. Dannerth and Patricia M. Dannerth, 185 Neff Rd, $500,000.

Rush Township

Bernadette M. Johnson to Michael J. Moskel, 3564 Black Moshannon Rd, $5,000.

Jason R. Dunn and Megan G. Dunn to Shianne N. Cobler and Nathaniel Cobler, 245 State St, $110,000.

Robert P. Zekan and Kathryn J. Zekan to Stacy A. Markel and Daniel E. Ceprish, 108 Rockwood Dr, $220,000.

Scott A. Kephart and Tracy L. Kephart to Olivia D. Brown, 3296 Tyrone Pike, $78,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Bobbie Jo Jodan f/k/a Bobbie Jo Leigey a/k/a Bobbie Jo Jodon to Willis T. Martin, 954 W Sycamore Rd, $1.

George Salvanish Jr Estate, Susan Salvanish Calvo, Susan Fay Salvansish, and Thomas Calvo to Edward M. Gearhart, 218 Spruce Rd, $75,800.

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 449 Clarence Rd, $1.

Spring Township

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to Andrew W. Ramish and Tracy L. Ramish, 121 Baron Way, $32,000.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Andrew P. Blades and Kathryn L. Goins, 217 Jonathan Ln, $234,290.

Francis M. Meter and Susan L. Meter to Nicole H. Meter, 213 N Vanessa Dr, $140,000.

State College Borough

Elizabeth A. Holtzinger f/k/a Elizabeth A. Holtzinger-Jennings to Gregory H. Wolf, 500 Royal Rd, $285,000.

Mihai Covasa and Olga Covasa to Olga Covasa, 939 Bayberry Dr, $1.

Union Township

Richard E. Grove and Paula K. Grove to Todd A. Smith, Gregory J. Thal, Joshua C. Thal, Bryan P. Thal, and Travis V. Smith, 882 Wallace Run Rd, $90,000.

Walker Township

Jeffrey M. Showers and Tami L. Showers to Adam Day, 433 Hubler Ridge Rd, $184,000.

Charlotte Jane Lucas to Douglas Aaron Lucas, 1180 Zion Ridge Ave, $1.

Worth Township

Sarah F. Stiver to Erik Steinbach and Emily Hoober, 1146 Sunnyside Hollow, $195,000.