Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 14 - Nov. 18, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Nov. 14, 2016, through Nov. 18, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Constance H. Davis, Anne Katherine Davis n/k/a Anne Davis Dixon, and Ethan R. Dixon to Beth R. Delaney, 441 E.Lamb St., $110,250.

Mangino Bennett Enterprises LP and Mangino Enterprises LP to Mangino Bennett Enterprises LP, 245 N. Spring St., $1.

Benner Township

John L. Thomas and Miriam Thomas to Michael J. Spinazzola, 1883 Millsom Circle, $491,137.68.

Parkside Homes LLC to Daniel L. Alters and Patricia L. Alters, 229 Chicory Ave., $340,178.

Charles F. Jabco, Chris E. Jabco, and Beatrice J. Jabco to Chris E. Jabco and Beatrice J. Jabco, 528 Seibert Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Daniel W. Thompson and Dorothy J. Thompson to Daniel W. Thompson and Dorothy J. Thompson, property located on Watson Lane, $1.

Dustin T. Confer and Deanna M. Confer to Dustin T. Confer, 309 Old 220 Road, $1.

Burnside Township

William R. Walker and Charles W. Walker to Charles W. Walker, 525 Eleven Road, $1.

College Township

Ashod G. Toumayants to Ashod G. Toumayants and Noelle J. Toumayants, 400 Spring Lea Drive, $1.

Village At Canterbury LP to William L. Ottaviani and Bonnie L. Ottaviani, 123 Sussex Drive, $595,000.

Curtin Township

Katherine S. Crum and Victor B. Crum to Steven B. Crum and Steward A. Crum, 187 Middletown Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Kenneth J. Corradini and Kelly L. Corradini f/k/a Kelly L. Reinhard to Kenneth J. Corradini and Kelly L. Corradini, 268 E. Pine Grove Road, $1.

John James Chernega to Jeffrey A. Zeiler, 2902 Tadpole Road, $144,000.

Samuel J. Burruano Sr. a/k/a Samuel John Burruano Sr. Estate and Samuel John Burruano Jr. to John T. Horn and Sara J. Horn, 127 W. Blade Drive, $178,000.

Betty Ann Horner Estate and Carol Ann Levine to Michael J. Horner, 107 Butternut St., $1.

Gregg Township

Frank W. Royer Jr and Judith L. Royer to Russell E. Schleiden and Jeanne C. Schleiden, 180 Grenoble Road, $1.

Joshua L. Hull and Megan L. Hull to Joshua L. Hull and Megan L. Hull, 137 Standing Bear Lane, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Elmer D. Kessling Trust, Lois P. Kessling Trust, and Gloria K. Rearick to Brad Timothy Rearick and Chassidy Lynn Rearick, 20 Adams St, $1.

Donna Lynne n/k/a Donna L. Vaux to Donna L. Vaux, property located in Halfmoon Township, $1.

James A. Sellers and Mary L. Sellers to David J. Troxell and Amanda J. Troxell, 270 Ira Lane, $315,000.

Harris Township

GTW Associates to Parkside Homes LLC, 122 Reuben Way, $59,500.

Boalsburg Investment Group to Distillery Land LLC, property located on Discovery Drive, $337,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Mark I. Gelfand and Amelie R. Gelfand, 315 Beacon Circle, $388,644.49

Liberty Township

Judy S. Haranin to Henry S. Haranin, Todd H. Davis, and Robert B. Ivicic, property located on Schencks Grove Road, $1.

Dustin McClain to Red Door Investments LLC, 206 Eagleville Road, $17,500.

Marion Township

Christine F. Sciabica to Nathan L. Stoltzfus and Rebecca B. Stoltzfus, 240 Sunset Drive, $215,000.

Milesburg Borough

Lewis S. Artz Estate and Barbara Davidson to William J. Dieterle and Sandra C. Dieterle, 113 Hazel St., $95,000.

Millheim Borough Keystone Post 444 Inc to American Leagion Post 444, 112 Legion Lane, $1.

Sharon Youtzy a/k/a Sharon Lea Youtzy Estate and Brianne N. Youtzy to Louis J. Peachey and Naomi R. Peachy, 200 E. Main St., $80,000.

Patton Township

Donna J. Trapp f/k/a Donna J. Holoviak to Donna J. Trapp, 430 Amblewood Way, $1.

W9/JP-M Real Estate Limited Partnership to 601 Vairo LLC, 601 Vairo Blvd, $43,510,000.

David J. Troxell and Amanda Troxell to Samantha J. Benz, 117 Ghaner Drive, $175,000.

Vairo Boulevard Associates LP to 201 Vairo LLC, 201 E. Vairo Blvd., $39,060,000.

Angela Jinghua Zhang to Ashod G. Toumayants and Noelle J. Toumayants, 158 Kenley Court, $209,000.

Phoenix International Investments LP to Mark L. Sellers, 136 Kenley Court, $203,000.

Penn Township

Daniel D. Shreckengast and Joyce Lynn Shreckengast to Ruslan Moroz and Marina Y. Moroz, property located on Windy Hill Lane, $40,000.

Daniel D. Shreckengast and Joyve Lynn Shreckengast to Charlene M. Gentzel and Gary C. Gentzel Sr., property located in Windy Hill Lane, $29,000.

Potter Township

Thomas C. Green Estate, Thomas R. Green, and Michael S. Green to Thomas R. Green and Michael S. Green, 122 Wayne Road, $1.

Freddie Mac and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Paul Hamilton, 66 Tusseyville Road, $44,900.

Mark C. Milliken, BJ Milliken, Paul E. Foust Jr. by Agent, and Thelma C. Foust by Attorney to Lucas M. Hakes and Maranna Hakes, 103 Lynn Road, $132,000.

Rush Township

Larry D. Kolbe and Deborah K. Kolbe to Deborah K. Kolbe, 309 Jesse St., $1.

Spring Township

Bryce E. Alterio to Jennifer Alterio, property located on Hill Street, $1.

Bryce E. Alterio to Jennifer Alterio, 315 Dawson St., $1.

Patrick E. Cronin and Mary S. Cronin to Nathan A. Smitchko and Kathryn M. Smitchko, 118 Quartz Drive, $222,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Clayton W. Smith and Jamie S. Smith, 159 Shady Hollow Drive, $296,718.

State College Borough

CA Student Living State College Property to CA Student Living State College, 538 E. College Ave., $1,

Ronald F. Maceyko and Mary M. Maceyko to Amy Zongqi Ye, 458 E. College Ave, $200,000.

Bryon L. May to Jeffrey P. Pellas, 198 Westerly Parkway, $100,000.

Betty D. Knouse to Dennis F. Devlin and Sharon K. Devlin, 814 W. Whitehall Road, $185,000.

Dean R. Snow and Janet C. Snow to Misty S. Gober and John R. Gober, 1002 S. Garner St., $315,000.

Lenora S. Irwin, Leonard S. Fiore Jr, Richard F. Fiore Sr, David P. Fiore, Michael A. Fiore, Marilyn E. Seymore, and LS Fiore Enterprises to Fiore Brothers Inc, 403 S. Allen St., $1.

Elaine B. Arble to Elaine B. Arble, 1410 S. Allen St., $1.

Taylor Township

Evelyn M. Williams to Marvin S. Williams Sr, 3993 S. Mountain Road, $1.

Lion Country Supply Inc. to Shawn Homan and Tina Marie Homan, 11983 S. Eagle Valley Road, $40,000.

Union Township

Larry W. McKinley and Tina M. McKinley to Rodney L. Solt Jr., 124 Bush Hollow Road, $149,000.

Walker Township

J. Leon Piatt Estate and Roger Goodman to John B. King and Kathryn Kay King, property located on Chestnut Street, $165,000.

Nicole L. Taylor to Jamie Ann Corman, 210 Meadow Lane, $219,000.

Chris M. Henninger Jr. and Nikki J. Thompson to Chris M. Henninger Jr., 140 Ponderosa Drive, $1.

Worth Township

Douglas A. Fasick and Jeffrey E. Fasick to Douglas A. Fasick and Jeffrey E. Fasick, property located on Reese Hollow Road, $1.

Budd T. Henry and Caroline Henry to Budd T. Henry and Caroline Henry, property located on Reese Hollow Road, $1.