Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 5 - Dec. 9, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 5, 2016, through Dec. 9, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Eric P. Ebleling, and Jody M. Ebeling to Eric P. Ebeling, 477 E. Beaver St., $1.

Elizabeth W. Watson to Elizabeth Watson Revocable Trust, 1005 Airport Road, $1.

Jeffrey L. Bird and Bobbi M. Bird to Braden Alan Wickham and Marissa Marie Wickham,494 Blanchard St., $172,500.

Chad A. Swires and Mia C. Parise to Mia C. Parise, 1043 E. High St., $1.

Benner Township

Michael R. Kelleher to Michael R. Kelleher, Property located in Benner Township, $1.

Grove Park Associates Inc. to Parkside Homes LLC, 118 Aster Ave., $44,562.

Boggs Township

Carmen T. Iuliano and Joan F. Iuliano to Carmen T. Iuliano and Joan F. Iuliano, 161 High View Drive, $1.

Teresa J. Tressler n/k/a Teresa J. Cannon and David L. Cannon, Russell Lynn Tressler and Tammy A. Tressler to Heather M. Breon and Zachary R. Prisk, 273 Devils Elbow Road, $90,000.

Burnside Township

Dustin G. Lucas to Dennis W. Fye Jr., 157 Sycamore Drive, $73,000.

College Township

Jerry L. Burton to Mabjlb II LLC, 218 Wiltree Court, $1.

Ferguson Township

James J. Nixon, Darlene M. Nixon, Richard L. Swanger and Ginger S. Swanger to James J. Nixon, and Darlene M. Nixon, 898 N. Allen St., $1.

James J. Nixon, Darlene M. Nixon, Richard L. Swanger and Ginger S. Swanger to , Richard L. Swanger and Ginger S. Swanger, 896 N. Allen St., $1.

S & A Homes Inc., Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, Robert E. Poole, Done E By Attorney, and WPSH Associates to Richard L. Swanger and Ginger S. Swanger, 1321 Barnstable Lane, $477,173.

Howard R. Skinner and Carol L. Skinner to Kurt P. Kroeker and Lydia E. Kroeker, 115 Cherry Ridge Road, $229,900.

Gregg Township

Carol A Kustaborder and Michael E. Kustaborder and Bradley J. Kustaborder to Dennis C. Gates, and Lynnann Long, 258 Gate Drive, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Gregory Allen to Donald W. Barger, 455 Smith Road, $10,000.

Jack E. Orlandi and Colette M. Orlandi to Zuzana Turecky, 102 Centennial Hills Road, $270,000.

Harris Township

Curtis H. Walker and Katrina M. Walker to Keith McElhinney and Amanda McElhinney, 121 Roundhill Road, $1.

Michele A. Farrell to Caleb C. Clouse and Kylie L. Clouse, 138 Boalsburg, $239,500.

Jerry L. Burton to Mabjlb II LLC, 99 Emma Court, $1.

Thomas C. Strickler and Mark Steven Artz to William Walter Blake and Tammy Marie Blake, 207 Circle Drive, $230,000.

Toa PA IV LP to Richard D. Dieugenio and Janet M. Stafford, 278 Beacon Circle, $585,966.21.

Howard Borough

Theodora A. Williams by Attorney to William R. Davison and Donna M. Davison, 216 Mill St., $75,000.

Huston Township

Matthew P. Hall and Mary A. Hall f/k/a Mary A. Stem to Matthew P. Hall and Mary A. Hall, 659 Beaver Road, $1.

Marion Township

Robert A. Waite to Robert A. Waite and Judy A. Waite, 128 Killdeer Lane, $1.

Miles Township

William P. Spicher and Lindsey Spicher to John S. Glick and Malinda E. Glick, 111 Broad St., $37,000.

Patton Township

Marquis Estate Development LLC to Jose A. Piedra and Ernesto Roederer, 128 Whisper Ridge Drive, $260,000.

Andrew King to Sandra King, 209 Shadow Hawk Lane, $1.

Ameron Construction Co. Inc. to Cellco Partnership and Verizon Wireless, Property Located in Patton Township,.$33,329.

S & A Homes Inc. to Jennifer A. Roth, 1734 Woodledge Drive, $360,892.

S & A Homes Inc. to Martin Turecky, 1728 Woodledge Drive, $397,843.

Michael J. Lee to Decibel Partners LP, Property located on Bernel Road, $1.

Hampton N. Shirer to Hampton N. Shirer and Rebecca D. Shirer, 207 Alder Court, $1.

Decibel Partners LP to Auction 4 Autism, 2400 Bernel Road, $260,000.

Philipsburg Borough

James G. Walk and Carlene M. Walk to Matthew McGarry, and Melva McGarry, 113 N. Eighth St., $87,000.

Bradley E. Peters Jr. to Christiana Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 323 E. Pine St., $1.

Port Matilda Borough

Janet M. Lykens to Christopher L. Lykens, 202 W. Plank Road, $121,771.

Potter Township

Jane P. Cannoy to Stephen G. Schnur, 105 Lloyd Ave., $35,000.

Rush Township

Allen Troy Herrington, John E. Herrington By Agent, Thomas E. Herrington, Luahan S Herrington, Melissa J. Herrington and John H. Herrington to Merle O. Gonder, 113 Warrior Lane,.$82,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Dorothy J. Morgan to Dorothy J Morgan Income-Only Trust and Cynthia M Angeline, Property located on Hicklen Ridge Road, $1.

Dorothy J. Morgan to Dorothy J Morgan Income-Only Trust and Cynthia M Angeline, 180 Morgan Lane, $1.

Dorothy J. Morgan to Dorothy J. Morgan Income-Only Trust and Cynthia M.Angeline, 226 Morgan Lane, $1.

Lori A. Herr and Samuel T. Herr to Dennis Roberts and Maureen Roberts, 774 Clarence Road, $10,000.

Margery Yeager Estate, Marjorie G. Yeager Estate and Rosanna J. Yeager to Harry L. Yeager, Property located on Borger Road, $1.

Spring Township

Keystone Central Homes LLC to Thomas Heller and Lukas Rhodes, 133 Lee St., $23,500.

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt to Gary G. Wilt II, 127 Norman Ave., $1.

Justin J. Strayer, Caitlin Samson n/k/a Caitlin M. Strayer to Tracy J. Banas Jr., 107 Greenbrook Drive, $159,000.

James P. Keddie to Jack Orlandi and Colette Orlandi, 104 Skyview Drive, $221,500.

State College Borough

New Covenant Baptist Church of State College to South Atherton Real Estate I LP, 1405 S. Atherton St., $315,000.

New Covenant Baptist Church Of State College to New Covenant Baptist Church of State College, 1524 University Drive, $1.

Walker Township

Joseph Simco and Debra L. Simco to Darrell L. Sharp and Heather N. Sharp, 135 Red Oak Drive, $380,000.

Eric T. Smith to Eric T. Smith and Joyce C. Smith, 150 Ralphs Lane, $1.

Worth Township

David S. Solan to Michael E. Solan, Property located on Laurel Run Road, $1.