Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 12 - Dec. 16, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 12, 2016, through Dec. 16, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Margaret L. Bonson f/k/a Margaret L. Rougeux and Matthew D. Bonson to Robert D. Shannon and Tammy M. Shannon, 359 S. Allegheny St., $164,900.

Orris H. Morrison Jr. to Dorothy A. Irvin, 218 E. Lamb St., $139,900.

Paul L. McMurtrie to Dennis F. Devlin and Sharon K. Devlin, 421 Willow Bank St., $130,000.

Larissa Alexandra Gryschuk n/k/a Larissa Alexandra Vale to Larissa Alexandra Vale, 230 W. Linn St., $1.

Geoffrey P. Rushton and Mya R. Rushton to Shawn P. Burish and Kari L. Burish, 316 S. Allegheny St.,$155,300.

Courtney Kilian Simpson, Thomas A. Simpson and Courtney Killian Simpson to Eric Speight, 111 W. Beaver St., $165,500.

Justin D. Fetterolf, Rebecca L. Fetterolf f/k/a Rebecca L. McClincy to Justin D. Fetterolf, 621 W. Lamb St., $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Joseph Nolf to John R. McWhirter, 213 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $54,000.

College Township

Gerald E. Rogers and Loretta M. Rogers to Pleasant Pointe II LP, Property Located on Trout Road, $390,096.

John J. Windish IV and Sarah M. Windish to Alan W. Scaroni, Maryellen J. Scaroni, and Amy E. Scaroni, 150 Mitch Ave., $232,000.

Sheri A. Trine to Nittany Lion 36 LLC , 472 Scenery Drive, $1,550,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jacob Varner and Brittany Varner, 230 Claremont Ave., $295,000.

John H. Mitchell Jr., Maria E. Mitchell and Haubert Mitchell Partners to Thomas Hunt and Carole Donald, 130 Matilda Ave., $62,000.

Lucas M. Mulfinger and Centrice L. Mulfinger to Lucas Mulfinger, 1924 E. College Ave., $1.

Donna J. Burk to Megan E. Glenn, 140 Trout Road, $189,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Paul J. Clifford and Jennefer L. Clifford, 195 Mountain Laurel Drive, $139,600.

303 Benner Pike Holdings Limited Part to HFL Benner Pike Shopping Center LLC, 311 Benner Pike, $8,850,000.

Plus Point Partners to Mark C. Bigatel and Paula M. Bigatel, 139 Lenor Drive, $219,000.

Curtin Township

Laszlo P. Ivanits and Linda Jean Ivanits to Laszlo P. Ivanits and Linda Jean Ivanits, 1675 Summit Hill Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Margaret N. Dean, and George A. Dean to James C. Dean, Terry L. Dean, Mary A. Stem, Mary A. Dean, and George A. Dean, 4105 Tadpole Road, $1.

David A. Jordan, and Martha H. Jordan to Martha H. Jordan, 2327 Autumnwood Drive, $1.

Edward V. Welser Jr., and Patricia J. Welser to Dean W. Scott Income-Only Trust, Barbara Jo Kling, and Deann Christy, Property Located on Harold Drive, $30,000.

Edward V. Welser Jr, and Patricia J. Welser to Dean W. Scott Income- Only Trust, Barbara Jo Kling, and Deann Christy, Property Located on Harold Drive, $35,000.

Marc J. Hertzberg, and Madeline F. Hertzberg to Rothrock Real Estate Group LLC, 3176 Shellers Bend, $1.

PGRE LP to 446 Blue Course Associates LLC, 446 Blue Course Drive, $13,250,000.

Timothy A. McGill and Cheryl D. McGill to Nicholas Scott Moore and Rebecca Ann Moore, 3074 Stonebridge Drive, $345,000.

Ida Mae McQuade to Ida Mae McQuade and Amanda M. McQuade, 347 W. Pine Grove Road, $1.

Nien-Han Tan and Yaoshan Ivy Li to Sheila G. West, 125 Meadowhawk Lane, $321,000.

Brad M. Johnson and Amanda C. Johnson to Jeffrey R. Shallenberger and Patricia L. Shallenberger, 2277 Oakleaf Drive, $550,000.

Gregg Township

Ashley N. Hill, and Joseph L. Hill Jr. to Christine A. McLellan, 3102 Penns Valley Road, $136,000.

Linda Marquardt a/k/a Linda C. Marquardt to Michelle A. Marquardt and Gregory A. Confer, Property Located on Lower Georges Valley Road, $1.

Michelle A. Marquardt and Gregory A. Confer to Michelle A. Marquardt and Gregory A. Confer, 1039 Lower Georges Valley Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Charles A. O’Neill, and Mary C. O’Neill to Mary H. Denlinger, 137 Skyharbor Drive, $379,000.

Harris Township

Brandal Investments LP to Rex Nicolas, and Rhonda J. Nicolas, 134 Reuben Way, $408,844.32.

KBBH Partnership to Darla Bair, 204 Kestrel Lane, $203,853.

Stanley I. Lindsay Sr. and Bernice C. Lindsay to Andrew W. Garban, 125 E. Main St., $350,000.

Toa PA IV LP to Richard R. Coons and Susan R. Coons, 307 Beacon Circle, $490,893.18.

KBBH Partnership to Lindsay M. Hoffman, 194 Kestrel Lane, $217,704.

Howard Township

Lance Gates and Stacy Gates to Troy Gates and Diane Gates, 748 Bullit Run Road, $1.

Liberty Township

Nellie E. Lucas a/k/a Nellie Lucas to Nellie E. Lucas, Brian O. Coakley and Valerie D. Coakley, 11205 N. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Milesburg Borough

David D. Bierly, and Darlene R. Bierly to Ivan K. Beiler, and Miriam B. Beiler, 193 E. Main St., $725,000.

Patton Township

Lincoln Associates Joint Venture to David A. Miller, and Jessica M. Miller, 298 Timberton Circle, $110,000.

Becky Koleno and Jennifer E. Neely to Becky Koleno, 2929 Buffalo Run Road,$1.

Gilberto Soto and Maria Soto to Maria E. Hughes, 115 Alma Mater Drive Unit 103, $186,000.

Constance A. Jones to Jennifer A. McElhoe and Christopher R. Greene, 625 Crandall Drive, $346,000.

Asif Khatri and Shella A. Khatri to Mary Clare Maninang-Ocampo, 250 Bolton Ave., $65,500.

Theodore John J. Hovick and Katherine Miller Hovick to Alexandra A. Divirgilio and William J. McCarthy, 138 Briar Court, $94,000.

Philipsburg Borough

131 Front LLC to Mesh Properties LLC, 131 N. Front St., $1.

Jane L. Granlun Estate, Jane S. Granlun Estate and Bradley A. Granlun to Benjamin Charles Knepp, 520 11th St, $62,000.

Potter Township

Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Arthur T. Hagelgans and Tracy L. Hagelgans, Property Located on Pepper Ridge Drive, $49,900.

Smith-Sweetwood Post #9575 and Veterans of Foreign Wars of United States to Commonwealth of Pa Dept of Transportation, Property Located in Potter Township,$1.

Deanco Inc. to Commonwealth of Pa Dept of Transporation, Property Located in Potter Township,$1.

Saratoga Partners LP to Dakota W. Newman and Katelyn E. Nocket, 119 Cottontail Lane, $148,900.

Michael E. Miller and Lisa M. Miller to Glenn O Hawbaker Inc, 143 Old Lewistown Pike, $864,280.

Rush Township

Ronald E. Pollock and Dolores E. Pollock to Ronald G. Pollock Jr., 180 Casanova Spur, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Frank W. Gomola and Terry A. Loring-Gomola to Eric L. Bisel and Janene M. Couteret, 1875 Clarence Road, $30,000.

Spring Township

Russell M McCoy and Penny J. McCoy to Yuriy V. Bubnov, Tatyana M. Bubnov and Dmitriy Y. Bubnov, 140 Tealbriar Lane, $182,000.

US Bank to Vladimir R. Maslov, 270 Upper Coleville Road, $109,900.

Ronald G. Woodring, Geraldine Woodring, Kristen M. Messner, and Angela E. Mitstifer to Alan J. Rieck, and Ruth J. Rieck, 201 Barrington Lane, $275,000.

Digna Denise B. Dager to Justin Betti and Stacie Betti, 121 Lingwood Court, $127,500.

Kevin J. Smith, Stephanie Smith a/k/a Stephanie L. Smith to Kevin J. Smith and Stephanie L. Smith, 171 Greens Valley Road, $1.

Jessica L. Hanna to Matthew I. Heverly and Amy L. Heverly, 1231 E. College Ave., $159,000.

Michael P. Marshall Estate a/k/a Michael P. Marshall Sr. and Alice S. Marshall to Alice S. Marshall, 139 E. College Ave., $1.

State College Borough

Old Boalsburg Apartments, Fred Nicholas Marital Trust, Robert K. Kistler Irrevocable Trust, Bruce K. Heim Irrevocable Trust, Heidi Nicholas, Joyce Nicholas, Joyce Turley C. Nicholas, Susan S. Heim, Benjamin L. Heim, John P. Kistler, Thomas King Kistler, and Gunta E. Rutherford to Old Boalsburg Apartments, 927 Old Boalsburg Road, $1.

Diane W. Oyler Estate and Gregory K. Oyler to Sarah M. Windish and John J. Windish IV, 286 S. Osmond St., $287,000.

America O. Campbell By Agent to Matteo G. Martemucci and Rebecca A. Martemucci, 622 S. Allen St., $227,500.

Temporary Housing Foundation Inc. to Ashikuzzaman Idrisy and Amanda Lundberg, 1101 Center Lane, $150,000.

Mastros 1 LLC to Jaesung Sim and Minhwa Youn, 915 Stratford Court, $287,500.

Michael W. Labarge and Anita C. Labarge to Sait Satici, Gizem H. Satici and Kenan Unlu, 1041 Crabapple Drive, $296,000.

State College Community Land Trust and State College Community Land Trust Inc to Elias Hessler and Monica Hessler, 155 W. Lytle Ave., $122,500.

Aaron M. Rape to Xueyi Zhang, 954 N. Atherton St., $172,000.

Walker Township

Steven B. Kann and Dawn M Kann to Joseph B. Roush, and Natalie Rose Roush, 219 Walker Crossing, $221,500.

Zion Associates to Cathryn G. Watson and Matthew B. Watson, 710 Mountain Stone Road, $219,570.

Raymond P. Kormanik and Roxann M. Kormanik to Raymond P. Kormanik, 113 Deer Run Court, $1.

S & A Homes to Michael G. Hamel and Rachel P. Hamel, 163 Franklin St., $309,500.

Robert O. Stauffer and Patricia K. Stauffer to Jason E. Town and Katelyn M. Dion, 1096 E. Springfield Dr., $291,000.