Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 19 - Dec. 22, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec.19, 2016, through Dec. 22, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Village of Nittany Glen to Mario I. Mergalia and Catherine E. Mergalia, 344 Fultons Run Road, $203,000.

H. Samuel Fischer and Sandra E. Fischer to Heather F. Bird, 1361 Valley View Road, $169,900.

Chris E. Jabco and Beatrice J. Jabco to Matthew L. Garman and Sommer B. Garman, 1041 Purdue Mountain Road, $306,000.

Matthew Garman and Sommer B. Garman to Adam J. Burget and Tia K. Burget, 255 Edward Drive, $270,000.

Parkside Homes LLC to John C. Raiser and Jacquelyn L. Raiser, 127 Aster Ave., $382,443.

Boggs Township

Kelley M. Neidigh and Deborah E. Neidigh to Kelley M. Neidigh and Deborah E. Neidigh, 960 Devils Elbow Road, $1.

Janet B. Breon to Allen H. Ryen and Karan A. Ryen, Property Located on Old 220 Road, $33,000.

College Township

Ronald V. Bettig Estate and Rhiannon S. Bettivia to Bethaney Tessitore, 611 Mulberry Lane, $189,000.

Ellison Living Trust, David R. Ellison, and Leslie H. Ellison to Paul T. Morris and Hannah M. Morris, 169 Gaslight Circle, $367,500.

Grady B. Meehan and Patricia W. Meehan to Grady B. Meehan and Patricia W. Meehan, 1810 E. Branch Road, $1.

Fred A. Strouse and Trust Fred A. Strouse Charitable Remainder Unit to Hien Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, and Diep Hong Do, 139 Kuhns Lane, $176,000.

Betty May Smith a/k/a Betty M. Smith by Agent to Richard S. Shaffer and Courtney L. Shaffer, 580 Boalsburg Road, $179,000.

Martha R. Bowman to Nathaniel Sayer and Marisol Lindsay Williams, 624 Pike St., $169,999.

Hazel E. Williams Estate and Lynda G. Debrasky to Melbourne J. Deyoung and Linda R. Littleton, 200 Mary St., $150,000.

Daniel D. Sahakian and Ludmila K. Sahakian to Armen D. Sahakian, Property Located on Greenbriar Drive, $1.

Lavonne K. Weaver to Donna Simcoe, 136 Wellington Drive, $295,000.

Alysia Y. Blandon to Kiley Lucas, 308 First Ave., $245,000.

Minks Family Trust, Marylin Elizabeth Minks Rosenberg and John Gregg Minks to Child’s Trust FBO Marilyn M. Rosenberg, 2800 E. College Ave., $1.

Minks Family Trust, Marylin Elizabeth Minks Rosenberg and John Gregg Minks to Child’s Trust FBO Marilyn M. Rosenberg, 2800 E. College Ave., $1.

Ferguson Township

George H. K. Schenck and Jane M. Schenck to Roland E. Weaver, Lana M. Weaver and Mimi Joy Cooper, 1670 Princeton Drive, $257,500.

Daniel D. Sahakian and Ludmila K. Sahakian to Armen D. Sahakian, 161 Banyan Drive, $1.

Tamson L. Six to Ernest A. Erdeky and Deborah Jean Erdeky, 3221 Shellers Bend #889, $342,000.

Florentino J. Caimi and Carol C. Caimi to Tara M. Caimi, 1882 Ayrshire Way, $1.

Gregg Township

Wolfe Brothers Land LLC to Wolfe Brothers Land LLC, 165 Royer Hollow Lane, $1.

Haines Township

Corinne L. Thomas and Rodger Thomas to Kim M. Lehman and Karen A. Lehman, 320 Jackson Hill Road, $30,000.

Brian F. Futhey to Dennis A. Whittinghill, Property Located on Quarry Road, $130,000.

Harris Township

Helen A. Brouse Estate and Robert W. Brouse to James Anthony Myers, 811 Tolley Lane, $74,000.

Kiley D. Lucas to John R. Mangan, 817 Boal Ave., $172,000.

James E. Williams Estate, Terry J. Williams, and Patricia A. Williams to Nancy M. Tischler and Carl Eric Tischler, 1016 Kathryn St., $310,000.

KBBH Partnership to Sara Ellen Ray, 198 Kestral Lane, $188,006.

John P. Mandryk and Joan M. Mandryk to Orrin Richard Bundy, 116 Aspen Drive, $846,000.

GTW Associates to Charles M. Dalton and Maria C. Capule, 107 Sophie Court, $82,500.

Huston Township

Donald L. Comly and Judy M. Comly to BCM Holdings LP, Property Located on Jack Straw Road, $1.

Liberty Township

Dwayne H. Haines and Darla J. Haines to Brenda Jeanne Heizman and Nena Marie Haines, 11067 N. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

David L. Fisher, Justine R. Korn a/k/a Justine R. Fisher to Village Capital & Investment LLC, 240 Eagleville Road, $74,000.

Lula A. Moore to Lula A. Moore, Paul E. Moore, Deborah K. Moore-Kitchen, Jennie L. Moore-Thomas, Samuel E. Moore Jr and Lillian Ann Moore-Rodarmel, 2320 Monument Orviston Road, $1.

Millheim Borough

Leslie R. Burkholder to Leslie R. Burkholder and Holly L. Hamilton, 105 Penn St., $1.

Patton Township

Kay D. Dreibelbis to C&K Real Estate LLC, 116 Haverford Circle, $132,950.

Kay D. Dreibelbis to C&K Real Estate LLC, 118 Haverford Circle, $142,950.

Aaron Hine Songer and Thomas F. Songer III to Sara H. Songer, 1000 Fillmore Road, $1.

Sara H. Songer to Gerard F. Gastiger and Monica D. Gastiger, Property Located on South Fillmore Road, $1.

Adam Burget and Tia Burget to Juana Richard, 3955 N. Atherton St., $159,900.

Krystyna E. Tyson to Benoit A. Dayrat, 372 Ghaner Drive, $219,000.

Michael C. Kraker to Michael C. Kraker and Augusta Kraker, 5168 W. Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Patrick W. Ebel and Sandra L. Ebel to Aaron J. Bell and Christen L. Bell, 145 Meeks Lane, $245,900.

Edwin M. Poorman and Donna L. Poorman to Andrew S. Magargee and Caitlin C. Magargee, 206 Harvard Road, $485,000.

Jeffrey C. Hughes and Kathleen R. Hughes to Heather Bette Hughes, 231 Oakwood Ave., $142,000.

Penn Township

Richard L. Auman to Keith W. Grenoble and Charmaine S. Grenoble, 118 S. Toll House Road, $71,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Devin Michael Parker to Janet C. Stude, 207 N. Ninth St., $69,000.

Ryan P. Doyle, Emily R. Gette-Doyle a/k/a Emily R. Gette by Sheriff, 218 S. Second St., $4,283.22.

Betsy M. Wellings to Jennifer L. Depto, 20 N. Ninth St., $27,000.

Secretary Housing of Urban Development to Lisa Gilson and Clifton Gilson, 115 N. Centre St., $19,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Donna J. Ray and Robert C. Woodring to Robert C. Woodring, 101 Wood St., $1.

Potter Township

Wanda J. Decker to Justin Seyler and Gretchen Seyler, 186 Manor Road, $169,000.

Jennifer S. Stover, Roger A. Stover, and Nancy L. Prough to Jennifer S. Stover and Amanda R. Leigey, 167 Dogtown Road, $1.

Rush Township

James O. Gray, James O. Gray Jr., and Barbara J. Gray to Nathaniel Horner and Aletheia Horner, Property Located on Casanova Road, $81,500.

US Bank to Southern Specialty Properties LLC, 728 Tyrone Pike, $24,500.

Snow Shoe Borough

Hazel Renaud France f/k/a Hazel R. Renaud and William Alexander France to Benjamin J. Leskovansky and Jessa T. Hockenbury, 106 Meadow St., $164,900.

Snow Shoe Township

Mary Ann R. Hamilton to Cullen J. Hamilton, 108 Byzantine Lane, $1.

Beatrice P. Waxmunsky Estate, Joyce A. Wert, Kathleen B. Stavoy, Mary L. Stiffler and Jacob Stiffler, Geraldine Borger, Stanley W. Borger, Lynn D. Wert to Lorilyn Weaver, 571 Clarence Road, $69,900.

David A. Rauch and Barbara J. Rauch to William T. Runkle and Alicia L. Runkle, 134 Turkey Ridge Road, $108,000.

Spring Township

Myron Blahy and Olga Blahy to Christina Eberhart and Simon Eberhart, 252 Gwenedd Ln., $1.

Philip D. McNeal and Karen L. McNeal to Charles T. Doebler and Valerie Doebler, 735 W. Lamb St., $240,000.

State College Borough

Frederick J. Kissinger Estate and Debra S. Hamilton to David B. Lee, 818 Old Boalsburg Road, $1.

Jack Rohrabaugh Estate and Linda Meek by Sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 212 W. Irvin Ave., $75,000.

Rodney J. Hendricks to SC Prospect Ave LLC, 200 W. Prospect Ave., $1.

Robert M. Rioux Jr and Julie E. Rioux a/k/a Julie E. Meiser Robert M. Jr, 1204 Smithfield Circle, $1.

J. Randall Woolridge to Martin Karduck, Shirley J. Karduck, and Scott Karduck, 302 Locust Lane, $395,000.

Taylor Township

Robert C. Woodring and Donna J. Ray to Donna J. Ray, 177 Hemlock Lane, $1.

Donna J. Ray and Robert C. Woodring to Donna J. Ray, property located on Route SR-0220, $1.

Robert C. Woodring and Donna J. Ray to Robert C. Woodring, 626 Fowler Hollow Lane, $1.

Union Township

Jeffrey L. Bird to Jeffrey L. Bird and Bobbi M. Bird, 3325 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Gary L. Vongunden and Karen Adams to John M. Schall, 404 Hawk Run, $125,000.

Walker Township

Randall R. Rugh and Melissa R. Hosterman a/k/a Melissa R. Rugh to Chad Swires and Mya Rushton, 168 Marie Lane, $319,000.

Jessica L. Watkins and Scott A. Watkins to Jessica L. Watkins, 149 Hecla Road, $1.